Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

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yay for drapes
greeeaserbug wrote in trans_9
Uva hadn't strayed far from the Observation Deck, intent on finding somewhere that wasn't full of people (and more importantly, other Greeed) as fast as possible to attend to his situation; mainly that he was full of foreign core medals and he wanted them out.

He succeeded in getting hopelessly lost. Disgusted, Uva settles for whatever far flung hall (capillary?) he's ended up in as being alone enough - and drops his human illusion. Cuz, c'mon. He'd pretty much warned off Cazali and Ankh earlier, and who else would have followed him?

A green drape lies spread across the floor for lack of something to hang off of.

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Stupid Idea #2 of the day- tracking Uva. After Ankh's interruption, it would have been wiser to just go hide in Maki's mansion, but...considering this was a Greeed who might have magnet attraction to the building like Caz had, and factoring in the whole 'too many medals'...either way, Cazali figured he was screwed. Why not go out with a bang?

He waited until Uva had his drape down to even consider approaching, but lingered at the corner of the quivering hallway a little longer. Part of him was hoping Uva would just eject any spare medals so Caz could at least know what he was dealing with, but luck wasn't with him. It'd be worse if he was detected stalking the other, especially with how Uva's temper worked.

"You should probably do this somewhere else." He made sure to exercise the most calm and monotone voice he could manage, staying a good distance away even with that. And no he wasn't going to shift to Greeed form, he'd have to show his lack of armor then. Fuck that.

Uva had paused, still a bit hesitant - just long enough for Cazali to speak up and stop him. Cazali had been right about him freaking out:

"I thought I told you to back off." There's danger in his voice, but he's making no overt motions of menace, which is a good sign. He seems to be taking the advice into consideration, actually - he's lowering his clawed hand from where he'd presumably been about to plunge it..well, in, to start extracting those unwanted cores.

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I FORGIVE YOU BBY lol why did you use the car icon

Okay, Uva wasn't the smartest bug in the anthill. The damn Greeed reacted better to show than tell, especially given that...maybe Cazali had lied to Uva's dumb face a few times too many for words alone to be trusted. He'd kick himself about that later.

He shifted forms, taking a step back as he did it, and resting a paw on his chest. He wouldn't call it shame at his obviously armorless form, but it sure didn't do his pride a lot of good to reveal this level of weakness to the damn bug of all Greeed.

"Do I really look like I'm in any position to do anything to you, Uva?" He couldn't maintain the monotone for long, words clipping about halfway through the sentence. "If you're still so scared of me like this...then you won't last a minute around here. So, you can listen to what I have to say-" Assuming Ankh didn't show up again so help Caz he would just destroy the universe...!!!! "-or you can wait until you get picked apart by that damn vulture."

because it signifies the adventurous spirit of T9 itself obvs SPEAKING OF SHIPS

He'd already known he'd had less of pretty much every color of core, so Uva had made a minor theory that some of them had simple been returned to their rightful owners - but that was shot to hell when Cazali showed his true face.

"Hah. You really don't." It's a bit indeterminate whether he's relishing Cazali's weakened state, or the fact the he doesn't have to worry about him, but it's pretty rude all the same. That's just how bugguy rolls. Either way, he's sounding pretty confident now. "Don't think that I'm afraid of you. Or of Ankh! But go ahead and talk."

oh my god did you really just use the ship icon matchy

Hook, line, and sinker. Sort of. ...was it manipulation if he was just abusing the other's nature with the truth? Augh, semantics.

"My body's not stable. I only have one medal." Maybe too much information, but his frustration made him sort of run off at the mouth. "Ankh has all the medals you don't." A bluffed guess, but it'd worked before.

"For once, I guess you have the upper hand of us three~" Cazali gave a shrug, leaning against the wall of the ship since he was practically backed in to it anyway. Not even gonna drape, gotta be more cautious than that.

"...but this ship, it's not like where we're from, Uva. The average person here is about as strong as we are at half power. The others-" Mezul, Gamel, stupid Maki. "-as well as OOOs could be in those pods, but we have no way of knowing. We're outnumbered completely." He wanted to complain about how he'd been stuck here for months(?) with just Ankh, but like Uva'd care. "You know what that means, right~?"

"Hey!" Atom spots Uva from behind, and for a minute, mistakes one giant coin guy for another. "How's your kitt-- oh. Uh, are you one of the new releases?"

pardon my icon hax \o.

"'s your what?" Considering that he was seeing nothing but Cazali today, and that half said word sounded suspiciously like 'kitten'...

Uva turns to face Atom, and is briefly surprised - this looks like a normal human kid to him, and he can't really mentally picture Cazali hitting up the human populace for socializing, so maybe there's some other..thing, on this ship, that has a kitten, and looks like a Greeed from behind.

Oh whatever like he even cares.

Re: pardon my icon hax \o.

"Well, I was going to ask how your kitten was, but... sorry, I thought you were someone else," Atom said, looking up at the pincers. Was this man also made out of coins?

"Oh yeah, I'm Atom."

Oh wow he really was inquiring about a kitten. He's going to have to look into this, for maximum sneering-at-Cazali potential.

"Who'd you think I was?" he presses, because haha what's sharing common courtesy like exchanging names when he's not actually specifically trying to.

Come on, Uva, just connect the dots. Don't make Atom spell things out for you.

Atom ignored the question. "Are you a Kamen Rider?" he asked, looking a little doubtfully at Uva. The bug motif was kind of there, but...

Who could have followed him? Someone who also preferred not to be around a large group of people and didn't know well enough of who the two Uva was talking to, that's who.

It was pure chance that Pram passed by to see the strange green man turn into some kind of bug-like creature...

"Huh." Weird.

The lolita demon overlord didn't make any effort to hide away as she stayed floating in the spot as she stared at the other.

:3c hi i am the slowest.....

...The very fact that he'd been attempting stealth had pretty much made Uva doomed to fail, inferior senses and all keeping him from satisfactorily bewaring of passerby.

Still, it would have been nice to go without piquing the interest of every random passerby.

Uva's gotten one of the (gray) cores out by the time he hears that "huh," and he snatches it from where it's sort of awkwardly hovering in front of his chest because that's what removed cores do.

Cue intense stare down to see if random hovering albino does anything. Uva, staring contests aren't fair if you don't actually blink.

hello, it is okay I am pretty slow too

A coin? Pram raised a brow as she saw a glimpse of it before the stranger grabbed it from the air. Curiosity got the better of her as she floated over to where the other was.

"What was that?" She asked, gesturing towards the core that was now in Uva's hand.

we can be slow together

Uva's just gonna have to keep carrying this sucker around because there's no way he's reabsorbing it, thanks.

He closes his hand over the core as she points to it, and while facial expressions are a bit impossible in this form, he definitely WOULD be scowling. "What does it look like? It's a medal."

"Well it's obviously not a normal piece of scrap you'd find anywhere." Pram replied as she placed her hands on her hips. "I've seen lots, but I never saw coins come out of someone's body."

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