Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Aim to Win [Closed, pre Beyond the Sea Plot]
Let me show you how this works
things_go_boom wrote in trans_9
The excitement of the poddrop had died down after a few days and Lash found herself back to her usual routine on the ship. It was rather amazing how much she could manage to do each 'day', from working in the labs, to shop management to training in the sensoriums. Truthfully, everything served to keep her occupied, which was an excellent thing--if Lash ever got bored anywhere it was a sure setup for a disaster of terrible repercussions. Probably explosive ones. Speaking of which...

"Fire! Fire!"

One of the ship's sensoriums was now being taken by her as she played it wisely and used it to tested out various prototypes before building them. They'd come out with a lot of robot parts to build thanks to SHODAN's rampage, and she was going to make the most use of what she'd gotten. With a typical Lash twist and flare, of course.

The soldier obeyed and fired the first cannon with a button press, the cannonball flying out and landing far away. Lash kept tabs using a CO pad, analyzing how the prototype fared. Upon landing, the cannonball opened itself up amongst the surprised enemy soldiers and turned into a small robot with turrets built on each side.

"Tee hee! It works, it works! Now, if I adjust the energy here, I should be able to build a small army, and that would be useful to aid during away missions..."

As she was about to approve it, the robot exploded. Soldiers, trees, dirt and burnt robot pieces flew into the air, landing close by.

"Oh oops! Hmmm...better not put that much energy into that one. The crew could lose a few arms and legs like that!" She said it with such a calm voice too, even if she was speaking to no one but herself and the nearby soldiers. With a small flick, she brushed off a piece of cracked robot, and began another prototype test.

Just another typical day for a wunderkind.

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Quietly -- how unusual for Zetta! -- the Overlord stepped into the Sensorium. Behind him, a massive labyrinth of armor, shields, traps, gun emplacements, tripwires, pungi pits, and general death and dismemberment appeared behind a sign that cautioned those who might nose their way in to "STAY THE HELL OUT!"

This needed no interruptions.


"Hey!" she replied back, grinning. Lash tossed what looked like a glowing ball of red...glowy stuff things, wondering just where it would fit best on this robot.

"I'm trying to utilize all of that scrap metal we got since the whole SHODAN incident," she explained. "We've already used some of the turned robots to help with the farming." A pause. "Anyway, how are you?"

Normally this was where he'd give some pat, or arrogant, or snide answer. But the first cut was always the most painful. He'd been forced to be honest with Lash, a lot more honest than he probably ever had been before. Having done so... it seemed easier to be truthful.

"Frankly? Confused," he said, shrugging as he joined her.

And a rather unexpected answer for him to say on Lash's end, if her confused look back was any indication. The bright red glowing ball dissipated into thin air before she had a soldier walk off with the robot. Wait, what were you supposed to say during those times?

"Uuuuuuuuh...anything in particular?" Well duh obviously, she mentally scolded herself, but at least she was trying.

"Duh," he said, a bit of his usual attitude leaking through. "After everything that happened we still haven't dealt with... you know."

What they said. Worse, what they MEANT when they said it.

"What do you--oh! Right!" For half a second, she thought he meant either the events from SHODAN before she realized what he'd really meant. She fidgeted her hands around a bit nervously, before scratching the back of her neck. "Right. That." She ushered all of the remaining solders away and told them to just fight on their own without her before speaking again. It gave her a few seconds to think of how to say this.

"You mean the whole...thing...with the....stuff?" Wow that sure had helped. "I--dammit! You know what I mean!"

"Yes, I know what you mean!" he said, just as easily irritated by this whole topic as she was, for many of the same reasons. "It was easier to... you know, say, when we were half in each other's minds, wasn't it."

"Yeeeeah," she agreed all too quickly. "I think it was because we didn't have a sentient ship listening in." Well they did have a crowd, but no one heard them say anything! So that didn't count!

Also, it was a terrible excuse, and even she knew it.

She did want to say something more, but nothing was coming out. The first time had been pretty easy since it had been encouraged on (in various ways) by the people around them and all the shared feelings. Now that things were not hinging on it and they were just there in front of each other it...made it confusing. Somewhat. Well, actually less confusing than she thought it would be.

"...?" Just a bit too hard to put in words, obviously.

Whatever. He reached out, slung his arm around her shoulders, and hauled her in close. Words were just stupid... things... made out of letters. Actions, he could do a lot easier.

"It's just you and me now, though. No obnoxious Overlords or disciples butting their heads in and meddling." And Celestia help the person who managed to get through that barricade. He would straight-up kill them. See if he didn't.

And then Hawke burst in.

You'd think she'd would have gotten used to physical contact by now, but it seemed like each time always surprised her a little, but she was grinning from ear to ear. Especially after she turned around and actually saw the entire series of traps. Some would call it overkill. Lash was not that type of person. In fact, she added a laser sentry at the end, just to make sure that if anyone did survive that entire series of obstacles, they'd get nice and crispy at the end of it.

"Tee hee! That's the best to making sure no one comes in!"

Zetta almost started to add a giant cage that would trap anyone who made it through and make them easy pickings for the laser, but then realization struck: this is how it always started. They started building off each other in a spirit that was half-competetive, half-playful, till they ended up fighting in giant robots or constructing cannons that fired 10,000PPS (Prinnies per second) or... something. Something crazy.

And having had that thought, he realized that he enjoyed the hell out of it. It wasn't just fun, though it was definitely fun. It made him happy.

Of course, when he started laughing, she probably just figured he was crazy.

She just grinned. "Well I didn't think it was that great of a joke," she admitted. "Are you sure you're alright?" She said it in a more teasing than seriously concerned way.

"As all right as I have been since this whole adventure started," he said, again quite unusually honestly. "Actually, I was just regretfully restraining myself from getting into yet another contest of one-upsmanship with you."

" did have a head start with all the traps you put up before I noticed, but I spent my entire life making up traps and weapons." It seemed causal teasing was a way of life now. "I'd say it could be a pretty close match."

A pause.

"Wait so you were laughing because you stopped yourself from putting up something better than a laser? I take everything back. You are sick." She gave him a tiny punch on the shoulder, laughing.

"Yeah, because you know that would just end with the universe destroyed, at least in here," Zetta said, indicating the Sensorium world with a gesture as he continued to grin. "Like most of what we do does, y'know? But I was thinking I really like how that happens."

"The universe getting destroyed?"

"Yeah, you know, your ultra robot beam collides with my endgame attack, boom, cosmos gone," he said. "Or we just blow up so many Prinnies it ends all existence."

"Tee hee hee! Well that's one way to use Prinnies to cause a Quantum Superposition. Since they require someone to throw them to blow up and..." yes thank you for all that scientific knowledge Lash. We're sure Zetta understood everything you just said. "...but it nice, yeah."

What was nice, or what she meant by it was rather vague. "So I guess after all of this, or whenever we win anyway, we're gonna have a lot of traveling to do, huh." Going back to Wars World was pretty much out of the question now, even if she knew Hawke was alive. In fact that somehow made it better, in a weird way. "I'm still trying to figure out how the whole Power Strike actually worked at all."

"Look, if you have that many Prinnies, you would just create a chain of Prinnies leading to the one giant mass of Prinnies, like a fuse," he said. "But that's not the point! Yes, we'll be doing a lot of traveling, since I assume you're coming with me."

The conversation was staying on track... vaguely, though both their natures fought it tooth and claw.

"Dunno. Maybe you'd have to beat me in combat again inside a giant robot. And this time I'd totally win!" Yeap, fighting tooth and...nail in her case. "If you lose you'd have to come with me to Wars World, tee hee hee!"

Sooo...same result, really.

"Shut up," he said, cheerfully. "You're coming with me, and the cosmos will learn that the days when Overlord Zetta reigned supreme over it all -- alone -- were the good days."

"Yeah! Now they'll have a Wunderkind to deal with as well!" She just imagined how terrible an entire row of powered-up Prinnies and an army could be like. If anything it sounded really, really fun.

"Of course you know what this means, right? We need to find out how to get your body back. Or maybe beating the Ohm will fix that. Not that I mind you as a book and all, but I think you'd be tripping a lot less, tee hee!"

There was also that worry about him going unconscious and not remembering a thing but like she'd tell him that. Even a Lash in love knew her limits. Sort of.

"Beating the Ohm will solve that problem, because whoever lands the final blow will have enough mana power to wish everything back in the Sacred Tome," he said. "But it WOULD be nice to have my body back. For, uh, many reasons."

"Tee hee! Yeaeeeah many reasons..." Woops her mind had really wandered off there, good job Zetta. "Maybe there's intel about it in the library or at least research or a clue or something. Or how about the city? After the SHODAN stuff, I've been aching to explore it a lot more. Who knows what's out there. Heck, we could find your palace, a Black Hole Headquarter building or my 400 foot tall death ray if we get really lucky."

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"...We'll worry about that stuff later, though," Zetta said. "Right now, we've got no one else bothering us, and I'm liking that. It's a pretty rare change."

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