Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Video Games [Open]
playin' videogames
redheadcarrier wrote in trans_9
Asuka mashed at the buttons on the controller, eyes locked on the screen in front of her. After that debacle in that stupid modeling contest and then the robots, she needed time to unwind. Time where she wasn't feeling absolutely helpless or angry or pissed off. Which was hard. All she did was pilot. Or prepare in her X-Wing. But at least that gave her a purpose. Something to do to break up the monotony, so she could ignore the fact that she'd already failed one world. She shook her head.

Why was she dwelling on that? She was Asuka Langley Soryu. She had her Eva back, she had a purpose. She was invincible. And she would win.

Asuka went back to concentrating on her video game.

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Zouichi had been looking out for Asuka, but eventually he was forced to admit he didn't really know where to look for her, other than the Hangar. And predictably, she wasn't there. He was considering giving up and messaging her on the comms when, on a lark, he checked in on the Media Library. And there she was, button-mashing furiously in front of one of the screens.

He knocked on the doorjamb to alert her to his presence. "Hi."

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Asuka didn't turn around. She recognized his voice from their last conversation.

"What do you want?"

Well, he did have a pretty distinct voice. "I wanted to see if you were all right."

"I'm fine," Asuka snapped. She didn't exactly sound calm and at peace. She sounded more irritated and angry at everything.

Zouichi stood against the doorframe, arms crossed. "Well, things are getting back to normal. But for a while there, everyone was worried about SHODAN taking over the ship."

Another girl, one with silver hair sat down at a nearby terminal and booted up another flight sim game. Letting out a breath she began fiddling with it, occasionally muttering to herself about it and being equally abusive to her controller.

"Why do all sims have to use these clunky control pads?"

"It's not that clunky," Asuka shot over at the other girl, "Besides, if you want a real sim, you need to go the Sensoriums. This is just for fun."

"I'm in the middle of downloading all my robot's data. I just got told I work too much so I'm trying to pretend I'm doing something like a game."

Maria shrugs a bit and keeps plugging away at it.

"Still, a low rate sim isn't going to stop me."

"What are you, some kind of robot?" Asuka wondered aloud. Then again, back when she'd been trying to be the best Eva pilot, she'd done nothing but practice, day-in and day-out.

"What do you pilot, anyway?"

Maria shrugged a bit, not looking back but going over all the various fighter choices.

"No, but, I've got to smash a lot of things apparently if I want to get back to proper revenge. I pilot Seibzehn, the giant blue robot in the hangar."

"Revenge for what?" Asuka cocked a brow. Weird girl. And probably not as good as her.

"I'm Asuka Langley Soryu. I pilot Evangelion Unit 02. It's the big red one."

She sounded hideously proud of that fact.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

The question came from behind and somewhat above her, because the rainbow-maned pony posing it was hovering up there, the better to see over her.

"Playing videogames. What's it look like I'm doing?" Asuka replied with a snort. She didn't bother to glance over her shoulder. Yet.

"I dunno, we didn't have anything like that in Ponyville," Rainbow Dash said. "Looks like you're pressing buttons on a thing while staring at another thing."

"Ponyville-?" Asuka turned to finally look at Rainbow Dash and froze up for a moment. A flying, talking pony. Now she'd seen everything.

"You're a pony."

With a bright rainbow mane. You CAN'T forget the bright rainbow mane.

"And you're a human," she said. "Trust me, that's still just as weird to me as me being a pony is to you."

Fuu had headed back to the ship for a little while to put some of her purchases in her quarters--a lot of them being souvenirs from museum gift shops. It was hard to resist them sometimes, even if they were universally overpriced.

She decided to make a stop at the Media Library to try and look up Pelau, and overheard the unmistakable sounds of a video game--too curious to resist, Fuu poked her head in to see the back of a redheaded girl who was quite engrossed.

"You're very good!" Fuu said after a few moments of watching.

Flattery will get you everywhere, Fuu. Asuka blinked in surprise and half turned 'round to look at who was talking to her. She offered a wide, confident grin (even if she didn't totally feel it).

"Of course I am! Thanks, though~"

Fuu took that as an invitation to come further into the room. "I didn't even think to see if Stacy had any video games in her archives. It looks like I'll have to add them as a reason to visit the library!" she said with a rather genuine smile.

"My name is Hououji Fuu. I'm a somewhat recent arrival--what's your name?"

Michael couldn't help that he loved to tease Soryu when she was angry. He also couldn't help that "when she was angry" was all the time. It was almost endearing, really.

And there was no missing the furious way she pounded on the plastic pad in her hands, or the way her eyes remained transfixed on the screen in front of her - concentrating so furiously that it wasn't very difficult to slip up behind her and watch in silence for a few moments.

"I don't think you do any more damage if you press harder," he offered in his customary breeze.

Asuka jumped with a little shriek. She'd been way too absorbed and hadn't even heard him come in. Her little jet fighter spun out of control and plowed into a building, consumed in a virtual fireball.


Asuka rounded on Michael with a glare, throwing the controller down. "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

It didn't help that she'd been brooding. It made her mood unusually foul.

Yep. This was what made it so fun. Michael held his hands up with open palms, otherwise undaunted by the sound and fury that was Asuka Langley Soryu. "Who's sneaking up? You were so into that game you'd have missed it if I stomped up behind you in iron boots." Okay, maybe he'd been sneaking a little bit.

He leaned to the side to look past her shoulder at the game over screen. "Doesn't look like it did you much good, though."

"I was doing fine until you interrupted me," Asuka griped, arms folded as she glared up at the other pilot.

"What do you want, anyway?"

He almost looked hurt. "I have to want something, now? I was just watching you work your," he gestured at the screen, "almost-magic with that game."

"Good thing you don't crash as easy in real life, eh?"

"Of course I don't crash that easily!" Asuka huffed. She snatched her controller up and flopped back into her seat, looking rather sulky.

"I'm one of the best!" And then her expression brightened.

"Oh, yeah. My Eva is working again. I finally have a power source for it."

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