Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

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Open Council Post [timed to after Shore Leave]
Standard Zetta
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They'd all had their fun, now the time had come to attend to business.

Having sent out word about it, the Council gathered, as was its wont, to conduct matters, make announcements, take inquiries, and generally govern things and so forth. All crew members were invited to attend, either to watch or to raise questions as they saw fit.

This meeting was now in session.

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Announcement of a New Chairperson

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Re: Announcement of a New Chairperson

She still didn't know why they'd picked her, but that was neither here nor there. They had, there she was, and so it was time to let the rest of the ship know about it as well. Standing up, Nehaalista signed swiftly and hoped that her hands would not cramp. The bright gem in her necklace caught the light as she "spoke."

[Crewmen, with the death of the former Chairperson, and the repodding of the replacement after him, the other members of this council have thought it wise,] though I do not see how [to assign me as new chairperson to this council. I shall do my best to promote the transparency we've prided ourselves upon in the past, and work to create a smoother-running environment for you in the future.]

Nehaalista flexed her fingers before continuing, [That said, and with the permissions of my fellow councilors, I will open this meeting to the general public.]

Councilor Bight is Also Crucible!

Bight had remained somewhat reserved during the initial announcement of the new person, though he showed nothing but respect for the rest of the council during that moment. Knowing the next issue that was to be addressed he stood himself tall from his seat on the council and walked out before the rest of the council. His head still held high, though still reserved that usual air of confidence remained about him as he bowed his head respectfully to the seated councilors before he began.

"Councillors, Crew members, as many of you now know I am more than I appear, while Hogan Bight of Sanction I am and have been for a great many years, I am also the bronze dragon known as Crucible," he spoke in a level tone, "It is for my deception in this matter that I put myself before this Council, to explain my actions and let the entirety of the truth be known,"

"After I have put forth my case, I will stand by whatever decision the council takes,"

Kang knew that he was not going to enjoy this particular meeting. He'd told the truth when he'd said to Crucible that he'd still serve alongside the dragon, but that didn't mean he had to be happy about it, or like even being in the same room. He was also sincerely hoping that certain crewmembers would exercise a bit of tact and not try to bring out why there was such enmity between them.

He stayed silent, having to put a great deal of effort into keeping his expression neutral. He couldn't keep the rest of his body language from betraying his anger, though.

"For my part, I say it doesn't matter," the book said from his stool. "We've already established that it's okay to keep secrets and certain stuff private, unless it becomes a possible danger to the crew at large. There wasn't any danger from this I can see."

Rhiow put her ears back and sighed. "I am disappointed that you wouldn't choose to be honest with us," she said. "The crew should know that we were also deceived, although I can't see how that will make a difference when so many of them don't trust us already."

She fixed her large green eyes on Bight like he was a kitten she was trying to figure out how to scold, for all that he was many centuries older than she was. "You concealed your identity from the crew. They elected you as a representative - they most likely would have done so whether they knew your true identity or not. However, this office needs to have some measure of integrity if this crew is going to trust us."

"Despite Counselor Bight having two different appearances, it would seem that he is still the same person we've all come to know over our time on this ship together." Dhianeila spoke slowly, and sent Bight a small, reassuring smile. "I do not begrudge anybody for concealing a secret, because every single one of us possess them as well, whether we wish to admit so or not. You have done an excellent job and been a more than helpful friend and ally to us all, Counselor. I believe that is the most important thing to remember."

"I dunno," Sokka piped up from his spot in the assembled crew members.

"I think it's a pretty big deal to, you know, be elected on what is essentially a lie. I mean, we have a self-proclaimed Evil Overlord on the council, why would being a dragon matter to us?" Sokka doesn't like that guy either, but that's a different battle.

"If he's willing to lie to us about his identity, why should we trust him to continue serving on the council? I think his dishonesty kind of puts his election in a new light."

Nehaalista waited, her long fingers folded on her lap as she listened to the councilors and the crew go back and forth between themselves and Bight/Crucible. She glanced once at Kang, still somewhat unwilling to mention her I told you sos.

She lifted her hands, [I would like to hear why it was you believed such a deception was necessary.]

Bight dipped his head respectively in turn as each spoke in turn, acknowledging each of their opinions in turn. Listening calmly to each, including Sokka's interjection. His gaze passing over Kang for the briefest of moments, he knew well that this particular part of the meeting would be for from comfortable for the draconian. While both Zetta's and Dhianeila's support was an encouraging sign, Rhiow's concerns were valid ones, as were Sokka's.

When Nehaalista lifted her hands and spoke he replied calmly with a nod, "Of course, Chairman Nehaalista," Sweeping his gaze from each councilor to the next before resting back on Nehaa, "There are a number of reasons behind my decision to keep my true identity hidden from the crew and indeed the council itself,"

"The initial decision to withhold my true identity came upon during my own release from the pods, I wished to go amongst the crew, to observe the situation on board without the influence that a dragon, particularly one of my age and power can bring," He explained calmly, after all a dragon tended to bring many emotions, whether fear, awe or intimidation.

Turning his gaze to linger on Rhiow particularly as he went on, speaking sincerely, "The reason for which I did not inform my fellow councilors of my true identity stems not from a lack in trust but rather from my time as Governor of Sanction. From the day I became Governor to fourty years later, those that knew my true identity could be counted on but a single hand. It is in that way that I was able to retain my identity and continue to guide Sanction to become the prosperous city it was," Especially when organisation after organisation tried to infiltrate and undermine him and the people of his city.

"When I ran for the position of Councilor I did so out of a wish to aid the crew, much as I had Sanction. I ran on the basis of putting my experience as a experienced political leader to the highest benefit of the crew, as well as being approachable by the crew, as I have been. However, never would I allow my deception to bring harm or risk the lives of any of the crew." Indeed, it was for that reason that his identity had become known to all during the recent mission, and in battles passed he had protected the crew as Bight and as Crucible.

"Nevertheless, no matter the reasons, I am deeply sorry for my deception," He bowed his head to his fellow council members sincerely and respectfully.

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"Personally, I've no argument with you or keeping your own personal secrets. We all have them and we all have things we wish to keep private. However, when serving in some mode of leadership or public capacity - especially one dependent on getting those around you to elect you, honesty is appreciated about things such as shapeshifting. We have had trouble with those pretending to be something they are not."

Ildraniath folded her hands, "Regardless, I do believe it might be best if you step down. As a gesture of reconciliation and understanding, to reassure the crew."

Or maybe she was just throwing a wrench into things.

"I find myself agreeing," Esplin said, arms crossed over his chest. He nodded toward Ildraniath. "As part of that crew, I won't say I'd mind a vote."

If he thought it was silly to a certain degree. Yet this lie bothered him on another level. Shook at the confidence he needed in order to keep on as he did.

"Bight mightsay past history made him reluctant to tell the truth to people at large," and here Esplin knew a thing or two about that, "Yet I don't find it acceptable as an excuse for the kind of leaders supposedly elected to this office. We're supposed to trust the council with our problems, to come to them and plead honesty in order to benefit... as a group."

If he thought this was sensible or not, he held his tongue. "At least that's the impression I've gleaned from the constitution and past rulings on this ship. Bight lied to the Council, by omission or whatever he wants to call it. He didn't trust you to do the one job we're all supposed to trust you to do. The Council keeps its own secrets. When they're keeping them from each other, well. Maybe we're simply getting closer to more familiar politics."

He smiled, not much of anything close to humor or nicety in that expression.

"Honestly, I think we should hold a new election. Bight got into office and kept a secret that was essentially lying by omission to all of us. I think it'd be best if he resigned and a new council member was elected." Sokka shrugged, running a hand across his head. He needed a haircut soon.

"It's nothing personal against Mister Bight, but I don't really like that someone lied about who they were, essentially, in order to get elected. What worked on your home planet and what you did there don't really matter so much here, as this very council has reminded us several times." Was Sokka getting a little jab in there? Maybe.

"And having a giant dragon? Might be useful now and then. Though I do give you credit for not continuing to hide yourself when your other. . .abilities were really needed."

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"Hey, maybe I don't know about this, but isn't it less that he lied about his identity, and more that he had two identities? I mean, it's not like he made up the whole Bight thing whole cloth. He is who he said he is," Zetta said. "He just ALSO happens to be the dragon."

Bight dipped his head as Hiccup spoke, he understood the position that he had taken and the reasoning behind it. That there had been others that had deceived them and had attempted to take advantage of the crew he had little doubt.

When Hiccup opened the floor he turned and calmly listened in turn to the three crew members who spoke up, acknowledging their points, "You each have valid arguments, I understand that in the past others have tried to deceive you to bring harm to the crew by putting on acts, and being something that they are not,"

A light chuckle was drawn from him at Sokka's comment, "I have always been one to see that my skills in such a form are put to good use, especially in the protection of others,"

"While I may well not truly be human, my identity as Hogan Bight is no falsehood, the one you have come to know is as real as the dragon known as Crucible. The ideals I stand for are the same whether you know me as Hogan Bight or as Crucible," He spoke sincerely as he swept his gaze over the crew and council gathered in that large room, nodding to Zetta and Dhianeila, "As councilor Zetta and Dhianeila say, I am the same individual, whether I am serving the crew as councilor, or protecting it as Crucible,"

"Should the council or the crew as a whole come to the decision that I should step down, I will stand by their decision. If I am allowed however, I will continue to do my utmost to serve this crew, no matter my form,"

How soon do laws go into effect upon waking?

"Laws should be enforced immediately; the constitution is provided promptly, and they're important to be maintained. We shouldn't be giving leeway for things that the crew, for all intents and purposes, should understand early on. The laws are the laws, regardless of similar or dissimilar they are to those of previous worlds."

"Hey, 'immediately' says that as soon as you wake up, you're under the gun, no matter what things were like or who you were where you came from," Zetta said. "This is all coming from where Azula attacked Zuko when she saw him right after she got out of the pods, unless I'm way off. If I was in her position? If I thought my enemy was responsible for this situation? I'd have probably attacked too."

"You're also an idiot," Mai chimes in from the back of the room. Why does she bother coming to these again?

"Just because someone is new doesn't mean they should get leniency for attacking people. Ignorance isn't an excuse - at least it wasn't at home."

"We should be sure to rush their case, though," Rhiow said. "People attacking others just out of the pods shouldn't be blamed. It's a disorienting situation and none of us knew what to make of it. I agree that we must arrest and hold anyone who commits violence on the ship, but I do think we let Azula's case stretch on for a ridiculous amount of time. It should be enough for security to question whoever it is and, if the attack was a mistake or the result of a cultural misunderstanding, make sure they know what we won't tolerate on board. Then release them under supervision to go about settling in."

She curled her tail around her paws. "I propose we judge each criminal case as we always have; on a case-by-case basis."

(Deleted comment)
"I don't think that's a terrible thought... but listening to a voice in your head is pretty weird to begin with. They might not trust it, believe it, or want to listen." Zetta thought a moment. "Maybe we should gate the new people. They come up to the Obs deck, the first people they meet are dedicated representatives who explain what's what to them, hand them the omnicomms, tell them what to read. Only once they're with the program do they get to come out to everyone else."

(Deleted comment)
"Can we get down there, during a pop?" The book lifted an eyebrow in surprise. "I can never tell what's allowable access. If we can stop them before they get their weapons and possessions, so much the better."

Oh good. now Lash could finally talk about her plan. Without raising her hand (only because she didn't know better) she stood up and spoke.

"So I've been thinking, since the SHODAN stuff, and due to the fact I'm the Weapons Officer on board, I figure it's high time we start putting up our own security measures around the ship should something like that happen again." She most certainly hoped it did not. "We still had our communication systems to talk to each other when it happened because it's independent of the least I assume that's why. And I'm sure Stacy herself must have a bunch of weapons that are just being unused that we could be activating. I'd like to surround myself with a team of people and we could go weapon hunting, so to speak. Could be interesting!"

As interesting as working with Lash would be.

Celena, who had been quiet for the majority of the meeting nodded as Lash stood up and put forth her idea. Waiting a moment before speaking up in turn.

"It could well be a viable idea indeed to have weapons stored in locations that could be accessible in the event of such a situation. I have been thinking that after recent events, this would be the perfect time to establish additional proper shelters and defensible points both in the city and other locations on board ship, these shelters could be the prime locations to store such weapons, should they be required,"

"The construction of the shelters can easily take place amongst the repairs to be conducted within the city, and those buildings too damaged to be repaired could easily provide the required materials to construct such shelters,"

Councilor Openness, Now and In the Future

"I would like to know how much longer you intend to allow the daligig to lead us about by the nose," Ildraniath stood, hands folded into the sleeves of her robes.

"We have many powerful combatants, more than a few scientists and engineers, multiple ships and a literal armory of some of the most powerful weapons in the multiverse. Why not coordinate our efforts toward seizing control of Stacy - real control, not the poor control we have now - and forging our own path without regards to daligig interference? If my research is correct, a group of pirates managed to disable Stacy's security measures. Surely we must be able to do the same."

Oh jeez. Of course someone would say some bullshit like this. Hit Girl rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, let's just let ourselves grope wildly in the dark," Hit Girl said. "It's not like the Daligig are actually invested in keeping us alive, or help us or anything. If we could figure out how to man Stacy and everything by ourselves, we would have done it, and there would have been no punishment. Have you even seen those bodyguards of the Daligig? Assuming we actually have shit with them, which we don't since they're supposed to be on our side, that would just cause useless bloodshed, and divide people. We need everyone to fight the Ohm. But bringing that to light, what exactly HAVE we learned about the Daligig since they've been on the ship?"

Not believing she should steal Stacy from the Daligig didn't mean she trusted them.

"From all appearances, they aren't particularly invested in us. If we die, they'll simply revive more from the pods. We're disposable. Tools. They may treat us as if we are special, but they also refuse to tell us anything that would actually shed light on the situation. Hardly the work of allies."

Arguing with children. Had she comes this far?

"And we have learned nothing. They tell us nothing and give us nothing aside from vague reassurances. I would much rather grope blindly and be free of their meddling and constant use of us as shock troops or problem-solvers than be continually leashed to them and their particular war effort."

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Fuu wasn't sure she would have much to contribute to this Council meeting. She'd been here long enough to witness another pod drop and go on a few missions, but not enough to feel as though she truly understood the situation. She just held to her skepticism and tried to learn as much as she can.

When Ildraniath and Hit Girl spoke up, Fuu took notice. She knew that there was a general mistrust of the Daligig among the crew and from what she'd studied, probably with good reason.

"I have to admit, I agree with Farseer Ildraniath. The Dalgig aren't doing anything for us and don't even answer the most basic questions. Like, for instance, why we're so damn important when they supposedly have soldiers who can go head-to-head with Superman." God rest his soul. The mention of the fallen hero gave Jaime pause. But also the resolve to press on.

"While I don't think we should kill anybody, I definitely think we need to actually take control of our lives. Just because we have a council and a captain doesn't mean they actually do anything. It's well and good for us to give ourselves titles and responsibilities, but I want to see action, by this council and by our captain. I don't like being in the dark anymore than the Farseer."

Christ, and she was sure she was being seen as the child, they were talking about doing something this extreme. Not that she thought much of the council or the captain, she merely understood why they existed. Like in her world, you needed government and rules and enforcement, otherwise people turned into animals, even if what united them stared them in the face. It was why she tended to not want to get embroiled into shit like this: it just made her hate humanity a little more.

"Well let's say we do all that stuff proposed, take Stacy for ourselves: where do we go from there? This isn't some mission we can fly by the seat of our pants on, this is the war we've been preparing for. We need allies and answers and ways to actually defend ourselves. It's all well and good to talk about breaking from the Daligig, but if we don't have a well thought out plan to get these answers we need so much, it'll sound like suicide to anyone else."

"We find our own answers. We have the tapestry. We tear apart Stacy's databanks to find our answers. We make the daligig aid us on our terms rather then on their own. Because if we don't, then they will use us as little more than fodder in their war and dispose of us when they think we've outlived our usefulness," Ildraniath responded. She gave Hit-Girl a long look.

"If we aren't groping blindly in the dark now, then what would you call it? We know nothing - at least if we have control of Stacy we have control of where we go and when. Further, what makes you think our chances of winning are very high if we work with the daligig? They're losing, after all, by their own admission. I doubt our chances would drop much should we choose independence. Better to find our own path and possibly fail than do the same while working for another's interests."

"Assuming that will get us anywhere besides up shit's creek," Mindy said. "You're proposing this, and that's all well and good, but its an important decision, and one that makes it so that we go against the Ohm ourselves. I'm not saying I hate the plan, its just a real uncertain one, and one you have to pitch it to people who like being comfortable. How well do you think that's going to fly, especially without concrete answers? To them, it'll be just heresay."

Man, it was annoying saying all this without swearing.

"Basically, people like security, and whatever they don't like about the Daligig, the idea of going it alone is a pretty scary one. We already know people before us didn't survive."

Was she for or against this? Honestly, Hit Girl was skeptical in general: lldraniath made good points. But they needed a foundation.

And she wanted to know what the council Zetta thought about it.

"That pre-supposes we are not... how did you phrase it?" Ildraniath paused, "Ah. Yes. 'Up shit creek'. That pre-supposes we are not already up this creek in the first place. We are already intent on finding the Ohm and the Daligig, for all of their non-answers and underhanded attempts at simply getting us to do their work, have made it clear we are somehow vital to winning this war. Unless that is, in itself, another deception to get us to go along with them, it does mean we will likely hae a fighting chance on our own."

Ildraniath made a gesture toward the wall (and hence, the Bleed and space beyond), "Those before us died and suffered cooperating with the daligig. We have no foundation now, aside from that of 'do what we are told and hope we're making the right choices'. To simply go along without knowing is foolish. The people on this ship must learn to adapt or die; to overcome and face the hardship and hard choices or we will all perish. We have no guarantee of security now and likely will not have any guarantee for a long time to come."

She folded her hands again, "We must make our choice and we must do it soon or I fear we will be too far under the Daligig's thumb."

"The fact of the matter is we have no way of taking control of Stacy at the moment, and no idea of even when we might be able to. Neuropathy is still working to repair the damage from the pirate attack, and to give us a bit more autonomy, but they have a long way to go. I would also like to remind you that when the pirates disabled the security measures, they caused a lot of damage to the rest of the ship in the process," Kang pointed out, after listening for a while. "The Warden is still in control. And, we have no idea what changes the Daligig may have made in the programming while they were here. To try anything with the Warden in control is entirely foolish, and will likely succeed in people getting killed. We've seen what happens with Violations.

"You're right. We don't know anything. And it's true that we have the Tapestry, although it isn't very clear with the information it gives us, when it chooses to. However, let's say we were by some miracle able to take control right now, tell the Daligig that we aren't going to let them use us anymore. They're in charge of the GIA. They may decide to blacklist us, not allow us any aid. Can we really risk losing potential allies when we know so little about our situation?"

He paused, crossing his arms over his chest, "Moreover, any decision about what's to be done about the Daligig is not one that can be made by this Council. That is a Command decision."

"I'm all in favor of it happening... eventually," Zetta said. He'd made no secret of his opinions before, and didn't have any fear of doing so now. "But it can't happen yet. It can't happen soon unless we're forced into it. For the simple reason that right now, we're not holding the card here. They are. The Warden responds to them, and it can muscle the Stacy that likes us out of the way to do so. The energy tentacles are stronger than almost everyone. And if we'd rebelled before that whole SHODAN thing, they'd have just unleashed the power dampeners and we wouldn't have had a freaking hope in the Underworld."

The book took note of Kang with a flick of its eyes. This was mostly ineffective, as its eyes were blank and white. "Like he said, it's a Command decision, not a Council one. Trust me, we hear you on this one. But to do it, we have to have every damn scrap of information we can on this ship, and perfect timing too. Preferably when they're off somewhere else being distracted. Until then, let me point out that they can probably hear and see anything we do, if they pull up the ship's logs or whatever the hell, so talking about this too much? Not a great idea."

"Then the Daligig get a choice: they can blacklist us or work with us on our own terms. They consider us vital to their war effort, so it is probable they would not cut us out entirely. To a certain degree, we do hold some form of leverage over and against them in ourselves. They need us and those in the pods or else they would not go to the trouble to repair our ship and try to convince us that they are our friends," Ildraniath replied coolly, "Further, whatever damage these pirates caused, it still gave them control of the ship - which is likely far more important than keeping Stacy's security systems intact. Stacy is our enemy in that case and should be treated as such. The security systems are strong, but only if we fight on their terms. We have access to the command deck, to its vital centers - we find a way to disable the security measures, as I've already said."

Ildraniath lifted her omnicomm smoothly and tapped through a few pages of notes, "The damage they caused did not start a massive life support failure or cause massive damage to the pods, as far as I am aware. That is our primary concern, is it not? Why should we worry about Stacy's internal security systems? They simply serve to tie us down."

She took a few steps, gaze sweeping around the room, "We risk people being killed now. Whatever choice we make, people will die. We have lost at least two crewmembers already, one of whom was a veritable titan in his own world. You say we risk death, Kang? I say we risk death now, simply by standing here and talking and debating when we should be planning and preparing action on our terms rather than awaiting for the Daligig or Stacy to inform us of where we are to go next and then obeying like the good little children we are meant to be."

Her lips twitched into a slight frown, "If the Council has no power over the crew or decisions pertaining to its ultimate well-being with its dealings with those beyond the ship, what purpose do you actually serve aside from meaningless figure-heads? Civil administration could easily be handled under the more military command structure already in place parallel to you."

"Okay, back up a moment. You forgot one very, very important thing the ship can do that we don't know how to stop it from doing," the book said. "It can screw with memories. From what they tell me, it used to wipe people's memories of people who got repodded out. We know of one case where it completely replace one person's mind with another's. Sure, that was an accident -- as far as we know. You think it can't do it on purpose?"

He expanded his gaze to all those assembled. "Think about that. You decide tomorrow you're going to give the ultimatum to the Daligig -- treat us like equals or right us off. Ten hours later, your best friend doesn't remember you. Or worse, you don't remember your best friend. Maybe both. Maybe you two think you're enemies now... bad enough that you're willing to risk killing the other for the good of the ship at whole, or something. Don't tell me you wouldn't," he said with a smirk to Ildranaith directly, "since you've made your opinion of the authority here pretty clear.

"It's a pretty damn simple matter for the Daligig to use that whole mind-altering thing to either control us or torture us so badly our sanity snaps. They don't see us as equals. They see us as tools. Maybe attack animals. You walk up to them and demand fair treatment, they will find every way they can to put us back in our place, with every tool they have at their disposal. That means that if we do it, we have to make sure every tool they have is blunt or broken, to the best of our ability!"

He paused for a moment to let that sink in, then continued. "This isn't a place to debate government. We're not switching to a purely military government no matter how much you want us to. The Captain has better damn things to do than approve the construction of the heating system for Local City Housing Block District Four B or whatever the hell. So don't even keep wasting our time with that line of thinking. Whatever your opinion is, it's the Official Position of This Council that the time for throwing down the gauntlet is not now and not in the immediate future."

Rhiow was losing patience for Ildraniath at a similar rate as she was gaining respect for Zetta. She'd thought of him as somewhat of a clown who didn't necessarily take things seriously, but now she saw that she had misjudged him. She would be sure to apologize later. For now, she put her head down on her paws.

"Captain Kennedy and General Chacon handle all department coordination, troop movement, mission coordination and tactical planning," Rhiow said. "We handle civilian projects, criminal court and constitutional debate. In the future please make sure you're filing your complaints in the right place."

"I try not to deal in ultimatums with my enemies unless and until I have the upper hand, Councillor. What I'm interested in pursuing is just that - the blunting and breaking of the tools they use to control us. Despite what some of you might think of me - and I know it is not in the least charitable in several cases - I am not an idiot nor have I argued for an immediate armed rebellion of any sort without proper preparation or research, which is what you seem to think I've said - or at least you're attempting to make it seem as if I've argued for such a measure," Ildraniath sighed, "What I am asking is that we at the very least being outlining some sort of plan of action that can be approached, reviewed, discussed or researched so that in the future the task of breaking with the Daligig can actually be accomplished. As it is, we're all operating independently - which certainly has it's advantages - but there seems to be woefully little in the way of inter-departmental communication or in the exchange of information about the ship."

She eyed Zetta for a moment, one eyebrow arching in an expression of interest, "What you say is true, Councillor - we currently do not understand how the ship manipulates memories or how to protect against it. But, again, you seem to imply - outright state, in fact - that I think we should handle it without the proper preparation. Give me some credit, even if you disagree with my conclusions. And the fact that they see us as tools is precisely the reason I find this matter important. If we do not wish to be treated as tools, we need to begin a coordinated effort to find a way out of the situation."

Her lips pressed into a thin line and then she inclined her head in a slight bow toward Rhiow, "My apologies, then. Perhaps my memories of home, my government and the Seer Councils have clouded my judgement in approaching the wrong people. There is, however, woefully little documentation in how one proposes projects to a central authority. However, I should point out that resource acquisition and management, as well as issues of diplomacy, do fall under your jurisdiction. Surely the collection of information, research, data and intelligence about the ship fall under resources? Or would you advise me to speak with the Captain if I wish to organize the centralization and organization of such an effort?"

"That was a mistake anyone could have made," Hit Girl said bluntly. "I thought that was what you were saying too, take up in arms until you clarified. Right now, there's a hell of a lot of reasons not to, including, as I mentioned before, those bodyguards of the Daligig. I talked with them a bit, and those guys are willing to go all out for the Daligig even at the cost of themselves because of how the Daligig at one point saved them. Whether you guys interpret that as them needing tools or not, they're pretty sincere. If there's anything we ought to know, its what the Daligig's stake in all this shit is. It's one thing to talk abut movin' against them in the future, but if it blows up in our faces that they were trying to help us all along, we'd be putting a lot of people at risk for nothing."

Which really, was just as good as throwing themselves to the wolves, as Kang was good enough to point out, with the GIA, something that would have had them screwed forever. Hot Girl would be damned if the deaths that already happened on this ship were in vain just because some people lacked answers and went to get them too rashly. There were too many of these jerks she actually liked.

"Is there any way we can actually do this without resorting to something that will upend the life of the crew? Or at least, find a way we can demand the Daligig give us some fucking answers? If we're supposed to be their tools, even tools need to knw what the hell it is they're doing before being put to work, right?"

"They won't tell us," Ildraniath responded sharply, "We've asked and they simply will not give us any information. If we don't want to continue being used, we must be proactive. Whether this is the correct venue or not, I will put it to the crew that we must begin coordinating our movements and information if we are to have any hope of exerting control over our own destinies. Also considering that this council is at least in part responsible for the coordination of the crew and and that this meting serves as a forum for the crew as a whole, I believe this is the appropriate place to discuss such possibilities."

She eyed the Council and then the other crew-members who were assembled. "Whether you have any love for me personally or not, I speak the truth - if we keep allowing ourselves to be apathetic we may win this war only to find out that we've been used by someone or something. Or we may win only to be stabbed in the back. So far I have seen nothing, from either the vaunted Council or Command to try and find those answers from the Daligig or the ship, whether responsibility rests with one or the other."

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The Farseer's last comment hit home, where the rest of them hadn't. Rhiow looked down at her paws, resisting the urge to break into a bout of grooming to regain her composure. She'd been wrong to suggest that it was their citizens' responsibility to file in the proper channels like some human bureaucrat. "You are right," Rhiow said. "This is the correct course of action to take."

She paused for a long moment, considering, just the tip of her tail twitching. "We should bring this to the Captain and the command staff," she said finally. "This should be part of our job - to be the liason between the crew and the Captain. We should request a report from Neuropathy on their progress restoring our control, and we should advise that Lash's proposal of an independent security system be assigned to Engineering as a top priority. I apologize," she finished, focusing on Ildraniath up front. "I shouldn't have been so short."

"I'm not against the idea in general," Zetta said, privately thinking that the command staff needed to get off their asses much more than the Council did. "But I have to add, Neuropathy might not be able to safely give us a report. Talking about it might compromise their plans. So let's keep that in mind when we ask."

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