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Natural Mother [Open]
keep_suriving wrote in trans_9
Within a school, despite the bad reputation for what is actually served there, cafeterias are a popular gathering place for almost all students, for Transmigration Nine however, this is not the case. In fact, this cafeteria had an even worse reputation for what was dispensed here and due the the fact the crew was not contained to a school and had other places they could freely be, they felt no need to force themselves to sit infront of a pile of grey, unidentifiable slop and chat when they had their own rooms, or better yet, a bar to kill their free time at.

Yet, this was where Diana could be found, sat on an empty table (though, to be fair, the vast majority of the tables were empty), with a trey of the glop sat infront of her, with two spoons sticking out of it. Her table seemed to have been picked at random, yes, it was close to the food dispenser, but not as close as it could be, and neither in the center or right at the sides.

Despite this, it would not be her singularity (which she seemed rather at ease with) that would draw your attention to her, nor her very attractive appearance.

No. Instead it would be that strange, croaking noise coming from her hands that are resting upon the table.

Diana takes one of her hands away to pick up one of the spoons, and sheltered underneath the remaining hand there's very young baby bird. Just hatched it seems. Rather ugly looking thing to be honest. All pink and skinny, with a neck that seems like it'll snap any second, and with no feathers whatsoever, just stubby little fleshy appendages that are supposed to grow into wings someday.

Its eyes aren't open, there's just these grey slabs where the eyes should be and lined with yellow beak is a gaping red mouth (the only colourful part of the creature really) which opens and shut periodically as it makes the croaking cry for food.

The only break between those cries is when Diana spoons some of the gray slop and presses it into the raw read hole, forcing the tiny creature to gulp down the strange sustenance before resuming its demands.

It's rather jarring, seeing this gross but fragile looking creature manhandled by such a pretty young girl. And just to add to the oddness of it all, piled next to the hatchling are some perfectly beautiful looking shards of an egg, that catch the light in just the most amazing way.

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Jinx sauntered in as casual as ever and spotted Diana at a glance. Her stomach did a flip spotting the shards of egg and hearing the noises of hunger. It only took a few steps before her sharp eyes caught the creator of the noises in the pretty girls hand.

Approaching the table Jinx smiled sheepishly, ""

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Diana turned to look at Jinx, pulling what would be classed as a textbook rendition of 'displeasure'.

The bird continued let out its odd croaking non-stop until Diana, without even looking at the creature, jabbed another spoonful of slop into its gullet that it literally had to choke down.

Once done, the croak-cawing continued, with it flapping its stubby little 'wings' as it demanded more.

Jinx did her best not to waver in the face of displeasure and instead took a seat looking to the bird again. "Somehow I imagined a "Tropical bird" would look cuter when it hatched. I mean the egg was so colorful." Jinx mused either making a joke, or showing an extreme and complete misunderstanding for how eggs worked.

Diana gave a light snort, shovelling another spoonful into the gaping beak. "This thing? Tropical?"

Diana didn't know too much about birds either. She knew most wild ones came out like this, with only a few, usually flightless ones, actually having feathers at the start.

But even if that was the case, surely a tropical bird wouldn't look like this ugly thing.

"Well I think the guy I got it from was some kind of smuggler. He had alot of things that looked tropical and completely out of place on that frigid wasteland of a planet." Jinx gave a shiver at the memory. If she hadn't been so desperate to get off Stacy she never would have subjected herself to the cold willingly. She hated it.

"He said it was supposed to bring it's owner good luck." She added.

"Jinx, look at it." Diana suddenly swiped the baby bird off the table in a motion that seemed too rough for such a small, breakable creature.

Holding it up to Jinx's face, Diana took one of the the tiny wings between her thumb and finger and traced along the skin, pressing down gently. The bird crowed its displeasure of being moved and not being fed but Diana ignored it.

"See?" As she pressed down, you could see that all along the edge of the creature still-growing wing, underneath the skin, was a line of deep black.

"You tell me, what tropical bird has totally black wings?"

Now, Diana raised an eyebrow. "Good luck?" She had her smirk back. "Were you trying to be clever?"


Zouichi was looking for Howard (which was pretty much the only reason he visited the Mess Hall nowadays) and found... Diana? It had been a while since he'd last seen her. He was about to greet her when he heard a familiar sound.

Stepping closer, he verified his suspicions. It was the second cutest baby bird ever (Alan, of course, was the cutest)! "Hey. Who's the new arrival?"

Is it wrong that I knew you'd show up?

Diana stopped with a spoonful of grey sludge midway towards the chicks awaiting mouth. She looked up at Zouichi, recognizing him and giving the guy a nod of greeting. "Oh, it's you. Hi."

Then, without much care or attention to what she was doing, pressed the spoon into the chicks mouths, down against its tongue, making it gag down the slimy meal before croaking for more.

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He nodded back, taking a seat nearby. "I know the Mess Hall is supposed to make specially formulated meals and everything, but... you sure it's okay to just shovel it down Jr.'s throat like that? He is a baby."

Diana waved her hand dismissively.

"Don't most chicks have food vomited into their mouth anyway? I'd say this is a step up."

Another spoonful was shoved down the poor babys gullet, but it continued wriggling and crowing all the same.

Zouichi looked a little skeptical still. "Yeah, but it's usually by a beak and not a spoon. I can bring by a syringe for you, if you like; I bought one on XaXing just in case Alan needed it. But... where did you even get the egg?"

Of course, Alan hadn't needed it after all, but better safe than sorry.

"Actually, now that you mention it I was looking for one of those."

She put the spoon down but the baby continued to croak for food. Diana ignored it.

"You have one?"

Alan... She'd heard that name before...

She had to ask. How could she not? She was here, alone in the cafeteria, with a fucking bird. What was up with that? It just seemed so out of place.

"Uh, Diana? What are you doing?"

Diana looked up from making the baby bird choke down another spoonful of food.

She flashed a smile at the younger girl. "Hey, cutie. Haven't seen you in awhile."

Diana looked at Mindy, then to the bird croaking on the table, before turning back to Mindy. "Feeding this thing, obviously."

It was still really weird to haves someone besides Ruffnut call her cute, especially when it was someone as pretty as like Diana, but first thing was first.

"Where'd you get the guy?" She asked. "And shouldn't he have, like, more bird like food?"

"Jinx." Diana said accusingly.

"Bird food is for adult birds. When they're little and not much use for more than fox bait like this, their parents sick up their food for 'em. Straight into their noise holes." Diana wrinkled her nose and looked at the baby bird in annoyance, who at that moment had decided to demonstrate his 'noise hole', Diana forcefully gagged him with more food.

"Gross I know, but what else are you going do when you've got no teeth and can't do anything but sit there and look ugly?"

She gave a half-hearted shrug. "Can't see we he can't have this stuff. It's free and packed with load of nutritional things. I eat it, so can he." Despite her appearance, Diana was most definitely not stuck up when it came to food.

Mindy snickered. "Jinx? That's weird. I didn't think she was the maternal time. Then again, I guess that's why you're taking care of the bird and she isn't, right?"

Not that there was anything wrong with that. Diana looked to care enough about the bird that she was going to make sure it lived.

"Poor bird. But while I can't do anything for it, I can at least get you something to eat. You know I have a cafe now, right?"

"It was a 'gift'. In the loose sense of the word. She said it was supposed to be a tropical bird that brings good luck, but she got swindled. And I got this thing."

The bird chirped and tried to nestle itself into Diana's warm palm.

Well, Mindy suddenly got earned a ton more points in Diana's view.

"You don't say?"

"Someone swindled you for a bird? What a dick." Mindy may have forgotten to put the filter up, but with Diana she sometimes just felt fairly casual. "At least he found some good owners though."

She nodded. "Not, like, willingly. I had a friend and stuff, and she and her friends were podded. Now I'm making sure I keep her place alive, you know?"

"What is that?" Howard parks himself across the table from Diana and gives the bird a look. "It looks like an animal you'd scrape off your shoe. I didn't know they made rats with beaks."

And after a pause. "And that's to say nothing of the bird."

Wordlessly, Diana watched Howard sit down and make his comment, then she calmly plucked the second spoon from the slowly diminishing grey mound of slop on the trey, licked it clean then tossed it in Howard's direction.

She hadn't bothered to aim it but luckily it seemed to be flying towards his forehead and not his eye.

Howard snatches it out of the air a few centimeters from his head (and is rather impressed with himself that he managed that). Thankfully he managed to get his tray set down first, or he'd have been unable to defend himself from Death By Spoon.

"So what're you up to these days? Besides nursing the world's ugliest bird baby."

She sighed and held out her hand for her spoon back.

"You know me, a bit of this and that."

The baby bird began croaking again, so Diana gagged it by forcing some more food down its gullet.

"I saw Orc a while back, how's he been since? Not fallen into a drunken coma already has he?"

"You're seriously wasting food on that thing? And here I was having second thoughts about feeding my cat."

Howard shrugs. "Drunk. The usual. I introduced him to the beer tree and I think it replaced me for best friend privileges."

"I can't stand the noise." Brushing off his comment dismissively, not wanting to admit that the tiny creature crying out in hunger made her skin crawl.

"Well, that's to be expected, this is Orc we're talking about."

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