Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
meat_mooks wrote in trans_9
The crew had uncovered a number of clues since arriving on the Deepstar 7:
But would these help them figure out what was going on and get out safely? It was time to get some answers.

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While the crew hadn’t yet found the cause of the problems plaguing Deepstar 7, they did have one advantage – they’d captured and subdued one of the original crew members. Whether they could get anything useful out of them was another story… but since his encounter with John and Jamie in Medical, he seemed to have calmed down somewhat. Or at least he no longer had an axe to swing around. He had been confined to crew quarters, but now it was time for a little questioning.

It should bother Howard that he's not terribly intimidated by an axe-crazy crew member. After all, he had Drake in his basement, which kind of inured him to ranting and raving. That doesn't mean he isn't hella wary, but it is nice to be confronted with something scary and yet not feel as if he's about to jump out of his skin.

He drags a folding chair out and takes a seat outside the door to the guy's crew quarters, waiting for someone-slash-anyone to join him. Just because he isn't terrified doesn't mean that he wants to interrogate this guy alone.

[Here comes your bad..der cop vroom vroom beep beep]

Oh it has been quite a while since she's been able to do something like this. Lash was taught a more than a few things about the art of interrogation, but the little one or two on one talks were admittedly very rare in Wars World. Heck, the last time she remembers something similar happening, it was when she and Hawke we brought to Orange Star.

Regardless, she's had her share of maniacs and this could be fun (Lash is weird okay), so the first thing to greet Howard is the wunderkind cracking her knuckles.

Surprisingly, she arrives absolutely quiet, but with a terrible grin attached to her lips one can only assume that this won't last for too long.

Re: [Here comes your bad..der cop vroom vroom beep beep]

Well, in any case, it looked like the two of them had arrived first. There was nothing keeping them from opening the door and having a chat with Sunshine. seemed quiet from within the quarters they've locked him into. Maybe he was asleep?

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A brief detour [closed to John]

John and Mendoza had managed to do some basic repairs on the comm relay in Operations. Maybe enough to get a message through, when conditions were right. At least the team could take solace in that, right…?

Re: A brief detour [closed to John]

If anything, having a way to phone home and at least let folks know where they were was a start.

It's just that John's seen far too many movies to feel comfortable with this and he's sure he's creeping himself out without even trying. He kept thinking about that opened panel, the way that Mendoza had seemed...nervous? Like surprised he was sitting parked in front of it. The guy with the axe and all the signs scattered about the Deepstar 7 seemed to have gotten everyone spooked, he kept telling himself, only he kept having a niggling feeling. More like a hunch. Or a weird vibe.

John came back to the comm relay, wanting to check again for any sign of critters. Y'know, just to be sure.

Re: A brief detour [closed to John]

Operations was quiet. No one around, no one jumping out of the shadows. No critters, or at least they had the good sense to hide while he was around.

Nothing from the computer, even.

Someone come stop him!

Takagi has, after seeing what the crew has put together, had quiet enough of the general tension and paranoia that's starting to soak into his bones. Despite the fact that he keeps up pretenses of doing business as normal, with his typically-shuttered face betraying no scheming or emotion, he's actually been plotting to leave ever since he learned of the axe-crazy crew man.

Once it seems like almost everyone is asleep, it's time to go. Takagi walks quietly but with purpose towards the little vessel. He can't afford to look suspicious, and thankfully, due to his generally static expression, he could easily pass as someone just routinely checking up on the escape shuttle.

Just checking up on it by revving up the engines, that is.

Re: Someone come stop him!

Funnily enough, Takagi wasn't the only one who was concerned about the shuttle. 'Creeped out' wasn't nearly enough to describe Allenby's mood right now. Always ready for a fight she might be, but there was a big difference between taking on some ridiculously powerful enemy and Deepstar 7. Forget sleeping.

So when she heard the hum of the engines, she pelted the rest of the way down the corridor. "Shit! I knew it!" She skidded into the shuttle to see--waitasec. "Hey!"

Shortly after Takagi’s attempt was foiled, another problem arose – the lighting in the Deepstar 7 changed from blue to red and a warning klaxon began to sound.

“Attention,” said a computerized female voice over the ship’s internal comms, “Core conditions deteriorating. Level two life support has been terminated. Repeat, level two life support has been terminated. This includes carbon dioxide scrubbers and the artificial gill system. Power will now be rerouted to support structural integrity. All personnel, please locate the nearest emergency dive suits.”

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"GODDAMMIT!" Lash was about to pop a vein or two at this point.

Jamie looked up as the lighting abruptly changed. He didn't need to hear the klaxons to realise that something was wrong. The message was clear enough on that front - even if he had no idea what a carbon dioxide scrubber even was. He did know enough to piece together the rest of what was happening, and that it was not a good thing. At all.

"Och, that's all we need. Where are these dive suit-thingys, anyway?"


Time to find a suit. Jake glances at the walls - there has to be some sort of emergency directions or evacuation procedures written here somewhere, right? Where does he find a suit?

There was a solid line of red arrowed lights pointing down the corridor in which Jake is standing. Emergency Station, read the words written above the lights; they were placed at intervals throughout the hall.

Of course, there was also a large, dark purple appendage plastered against the reinforced glass windows that looked out into the ocean outside. It looked like the squid, which had paid them a visit when they'd first come to the habitat, had come calling again. If Jake thought about it, this could be a rare opportunity! You know, to examine the hand-sized suckers that coated the underside of its tentacle. Tooth-like projections rimmed each of the suckers, and from within each individual sucker, there was a long, daggerlike claw growing out from the center, likely to aid in grabbing and tearing at its prey.

The squid had wrapped itself around part of the glass-enclosed hallway and was now squeezing, almost experimentally. At first, nothing happened. Then a small, hairline crack began to appear on the glass where one of the larger claws was pressing against it.

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