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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

03:14 pm: theboywhowaits Down Time [Closed]  13 comments
07:38 pm: cityship Podpop  228 comments
08:39 pm: cityship Meet and Greet   3025 comments
10:41 pm: noboothneeded (no subject)  14 comments
12:53 pm: hit_girl_mindy This will not be a relic.  223 comments
09:46 am: werescourge LF Blacksmith will tip [OPEN]  60 comments
12:44 pm: coldfire_adept Mi Casa Su... no, never mind [Open]  56 comments
05:37 pm: skyboundmisfit Feet on the ground; head in the clouds [ Open; Post-SHODAN, Pre-exploring plot ]   20 comments
04:02 pm: first_of_steel [Open]  85 comments
09:21 pm: greeeaserbug [open :|b]  47 comments
10:52 am: meat_mooks Beyond the Sea [Closed]  445 comments
06:23 pm: i_sell_drugs Thought We Both Could Use a Friend to Run To [Closed]  31 comments
06:44 pm: meat_mooks Multiverse's Next Top Model: Shoot Somebody Who Outdrew You  42 comments
09:05 pm: things_go_boom Aim to Win [Closed, pre Beyond the Sea Plot]  97 comments
09:10 pm: i_sell_drugs Happy for You and I Am Sure That I Hate You [Closed]  10 comments
11:48 am: meat_mooks Winter Shore Leave: Pelau  1073 comments
04:54 pm: beyondgotham Family Reunion [Closed, bendytime to shortly after podpop]  18 comments
06:42 pm: expendable_mind Out of credits, Game Over. [Open - During Shore Leave]  98 comments
09:32 pm: morphitudinous Snow Sheltering [Closed]  97 comments
08:18 pm: redheadcarrier Video Games [Open]  68 comments
09:10 am: i_am_the_bafo Open Council Post [timed to after Shore Leave]  48 comments
11:59 am: meat_mooks Dungeon Keeper  148 comments
08:29 pm: tetsuwan_atom Perfection is in the mind that makes mistakes [Open] [Bendytimed after SHODAN]  49 comments
11:20 pm: lionesschampion A Cold Weather Meeting [Closed]  5 comments
10:33 pm: pretty_lethal The Exposed  10 comments
08:11 pm: shevatangel The Hungry [Open]  107 comments
08:36 pm: keep_suriving Natural Mother [Open]  108 comments
10:36 pm: morgan_knight Roaming, restless [After Dungeon Keeper]  198 comments
12:19 am: thebestoffense What does this button do?  11 comments
10:10 pm: riseupnchargem [open]  79 comments
11:29 pm: meat_mooks Out Of Alignment [Closed] [After Beyond the Sea}  24 comments
07:45 pm: notadamnangel Gonna need a bigger hammer [After SHODAN]  3 comments
01:08 am: youmissed Private Mission - John Crichton / Vala Mal Doran
11:30 am: meat_mooks The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea  39 comments
04:20 pm: zouichi Far below the rolling tide [Open]  172 comments
08:53 pm: cityship WE'VE MOVED!