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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

Down Time [Closed]
theboywhowaits wrote in trans_9
"I never thought I'd be glad to see one of these." The words were wry, one hand tugging a bit on the plant suit as he got used to it against his skin. "Last time, it was easier to focus on being naked."

This time had been a mass of chaos and trusting that Sakura knew who he should be shooting at. He kept the gun in reach, not quiet able to trust that things were safe just yet. Wars weren't something that ended cleanly, and any of those little robots could be hiding around here.

"Are you alright?" He kept his back to her, arranging the plant suit and figuring out how to holster the weapon.

Unlike some on the ship, he didn't have any powers, but he was a good shot. Better to not let go of something that could save his life.

Stacy--Main AI
cityship wrote in trans_9
[Instructions: Post your character with one post establishing them as being podpopped. Tag each other in groups of 2's, 3's, and 4's, to get some interaction to start with. If a thread doesn't already have 2 or 3 people tagged in, tag it with your character's podpop popping near the other people, rather than making a new subthread. If you would like to play out them talking to the AI, please send an email to the mods making the request--we do this only by request. Then move onto the big Newbie Meeting. Once your character has gotten the rundown from the old crew, you may start posting entrance posts and freely tagging.]

||Pod Release Protocols Initating|| Stacy's familiar voice sounds out to all the podmates through the ship.

In the Pod Caverns, there are the sounds of: Pop. Pop pop pop. Poppuhpoppoppop. KASCHUNKhiiiiiiiissssss.

There is condensation and mist spraying out from cracks in the pods, as the people inside slide out onto the floors, covered in slime.


There was nothing...Collapse )

Meet and Greet
Stacy--Actual Face, Unknown [not in use yet]
cityship wrote in trans_9
The rest of the crew assembled on the Observation Deck to meet the latest editions to their numbers. After the battle with SHODAN the place looks a little worst for wear, but the crew and even Stacy are trying to be in good spirits. After the revelation that their worlds are gone, and the little stunt in trying to kill off the people in the pods, many are even more eager to see people they knew from home.

Several people are set up near the doors to provide the new people with omnicoms and comm rings. They are also told they must read information about their current situation and a survival guide with their new omnicom. New crew-mates might see a tall dragonish guy with wings (but don't call him that), a large afro attached to a smaller girl, and talking ponies among their number. There are also several authoritative-looking figures ready to introduce themselves.

There's a lot to tell the new people. It's going to be a lot to take in. But thankfully this time, there's a system that was set up to aid the new crew members with a few more experienced ones.

[ooc: Only new characters and Command Staff can start new threads for introductions, to limit the number of threads. Everyone else, just tag in and have your guys greet the newbies. Big brother/sister, there will be a thread for you as well!]

(no subject)
noboothneeded wrote in trans_9
Somewhere in the hallways, a chute opened up in the wall, and unceremoniously deposited Clark Kent flat on his back before promptly closing up.

Clark picked himself up, rubbing the back of his neck out of reflex rather than any sort of pain.

"Y'know, ONE of these days someone's not gonna take so kindly to you lying about that cake GlaDOS." he said, glaring at the spot the exit had disappeared from.