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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

power armor
first_of_steel wrote in trans_9
That Mindy girl's alien burgers had turned out pretty good last night, and Roger will remember them in future, but right now his mind was on something else she told him about. She'd mentioned the Sensoriums could simulate just about any environment he could think of, and since he'd found a map to their location on his omnicomm this morning, he figured he'd put that to the test. He'd seen virtual reality training pods before, although as an MP he never really rated using one, so he wasn't sure what to expect.

... the desert north of the Lost Hills bunker where they'd been taking the younger Initiates for training, apparently. An absolutely perfect replica thereof, even down to the scorpions the size of Corvegas.


Well, no sense wasting a perfectly good blighted hellscape. They'd pulled him here to fight a war, hadn't they? Might as well start practicing for it.

He pulls his helmet over his head, flips the neck latches shut, and reaches over his shoulder for the supersledge he carries. He'll break out the laserguns later. Right now, for all that he's taken his situation pretty well so far, he really, really wants to hit something.

[open :|b]
yay for drapes
greeeaserbug wrote in trans_9
Uva hadn't strayed far from the Observation Deck, intent on finding somewhere that wasn't full of people (and more importantly, other Greeed) as fast as possible to attend to his situation; mainly that he was full of foreign core medals and he wanted them out.

He succeeded in getting hopelessly lost. Disgusted, Uva settles for whatever far flung hall (capillary?) he's ended up in as being alone enough - and drops his human illusion. Cuz, c'mon. He'd pretty much warned off Cazali and Ankh earlier, and who else would have followed him?

A green drape lies spread across the floor for lack of something to hang off of.