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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

The Hungry [Open]
shevatangel wrote in trans_9
It had been a while since she came out of the pod, and rarely did she ever leave the hangar.  And she lately has just been sitting on the foot of her robot staring off into space quite a bit.  Occasionally she'll walk the compartments around that but rarely seems to stray too far from that area, every day looking a bit paler.

Today she has walked into the town, but really isn't making any eye contact with people as she just slowly walks the streets for a bit, not looking terribly well.  The slop offended her on the issue of no one would tell her what it was made of, and slop on her home world was made from people so she was terrified to eat it, but there was so little other food.

While walking she briefly listened to her stomach and sighs.

"Should have kept more emergency rations on Seibzehn....  Should have kept some on him.  Ugh."

Natural Mother [Open]
keep_suriving wrote in trans_9
Within a school, despite the bad reputation for what is actually served there, cafeterias are a popular gathering place for almost all students, for Transmigration Nine however, this is not the case. In fact, this cafeteria had an even worse reputation for what was dispensed here and due the the fact the crew was not contained to a school and had other places they could freely be, they felt no need to force themselves to sit infront of a pile of grey, unidentifiable slop and chat when they had their own rooms, or better yet, a bar to kill their free time at.

Yet, this was where Diana could be found, sat on an empty table (though, to be fair, the vast majority of the tables were empty), with a trey of the glop sat infront of her, with two spoons sticking out of it. Her table seemed to have been picked at random, yes, it was close to the food dispenser, but not as close as it could be, and neither in the center or right at the sides.

Despite this, it would not be her singularity (which she seemed rather at ease with) that would draw your attention to her, nor her very attractive appearance.

No. Instead it would be that strange, croaking noise coming from her hands that are resting upon the table.

Diana takes one of her hands away to pick up one of the spoons, and sheltered underneath the remaining hand there's very young baby bird. Just hatched it seems. Rather ugly looking thing to be honest. All pink and skinny, with a neck that seems like it'll snap any second, and with no feathers whatsoever, just stubby little fleshy appendages that are supposed to grow into wings someday.

Its eyes aren't open, there's just these grey slabs where the eyes should be and lined with yellow beak is a gaping red mouth (the only colourful part of the creature really) which opens and shut periodically as it makes the croaking cry for food.

The only break between those cries is when Diana spoons some of the gray slop and presses it into the raw read hole, forcing the tiny creature to gulp down the strange sustenance before resuming its demands.

It's rather jarring, seeing this gross but fragile looking creature manhandled by such a pretty young girl. And just to add to the oddness of it all, piled next to the hatchling are some perfectly beautiful looking shards of an egg, that catch the light in just the most amazing way.

[ooc; Image by iKink on DA.]

Roaming, restless [After Dungeon Keeper]
a little somber
morgan_knight wrote in trans_9
Morgan was restless.

When restless, he tended to roam the ship, checking on things he knew of, or seeking out places he didn't out of curiosity. Today was a little of both. After the pitched battle in Hydroponics, he felt a particular obligation towards one plant in particular: the apple tree he'd helped Applejack grow from a seed. For all that he'd done his best to contain Hydroponic in the fight, he hadn't been able to do anything specific to protect that plant.

Done there, he headed back down in the City, off to one particular place that had caught his interest when he had heard about it: an 'air temple'. Not on the map, not listed in the directory, or he'd have wandered over just to take a look a long time ago. Now that he'd heard about it, well...

Time to investigate.

[OOC: Just say where you find him; it can be pretty much anywhere, since his trip covers a lot of ground across the ship.]