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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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uh this is pretty a\\\k\\\ard you guys
thebestoffense wrote in trans_9
Hydroponics was Volanz's new favorite place, but it didn't really have a lot of competition for that title. The whole ship was disturbing and weird and unpleasant. Hydroponics, though, had fake sunlight and plants and animals running all over the place. It was still very, very strange and wrong, but it was just a little bit like home. That little bit meant a great deal to him.

It had taken him a while to finally get around to the disused laboratory near the entrance to the area. He didn't know what he'd find inside, and nothing the crew had recorded gave him much information about the place. So it was that Volanz stalked into the abandoned area as if he were walking into a known trap, shield arm ready to pummel anything that might've jumped out at him.

It was dead quiet and after a few minutes of suspicious prowling around and squinting at corners yielded nothing to hit, Volanz relaxed. He clambered onto a chair that had plainly been built for someone a good deal larger and frowned at the bank of buttons and switches and sliding things in front of him. Nothing was labeled in a way that made sense. Lots of abbreviations, if there were labels at all, and he couldn't quite pick out the meanings. What were they for?

He shrugged to himself, tapped out a quick omnicomm post, and tried to decide which he was going to poke first.

oh god i will never live this down, insert linkin park lyrics here
riseupnchargem wrote in trans_9
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