Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Feet on the ground; head in the clouds [ Open; Post-SHODAN, Pre-exploring plot ]
skyboundmisfit wrote in trans_9
Tobias didn't usually morph human. It made him feel too heavy, too clumsy, and above all far too blind. But he did it once in a long while. Like today. He was wandering along the edge of the lazy river that had been cut into the soil of the City, hands clasped behind his head. He wasn't dressed in much; what looked like bike shorts and an awkwardly tight t-shirt. His feet bare and digging into the soil and grass of the shoreline.

He didn't do this often, but sometimes it was good to stretch your legs as much as your wings, to remember what it felt like to have thumbs and lips and fingers. It also helped to collect his thoughts in a way that flight didn't. What was he doing here? The amazing Birdboy, more bird than boy now. The entire enterprise felt strange to him. He couldn't be of much help, he felt, what with being stuck (was he really stuck) as a bird except for two hour chunks of time. But the others were here and that helped assure him that he could be useful, even if it was only helping them.

As things stand, other crew members might be interested in this strange boy that's arrived in their midst. That had been one of his big objections to it: people finding out he could morph. So he'd gotten a bunch of dumb fake names from Marco and settled on a pseudonym eventually. Let them believe he'd come aboard in the last pop.

The boy stooped to pick up a rock and turned it over in his fingers, feeling the warm stone in his palm before hurling it out into the river. He had an hour or so left. He'd take his time for now.

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Marco had given plenty of help on the choosing-a-pseudonym front - unfortunately pretty much all of it consisting of ridiculous and embarrassing names. But hey, what else do you expect from Marco?

"So, Frank Furter. Or is it Al Nino? Bill Ding? I still say you should go with Joe King, man," Marco said as he wondered up to Tobias.

"I'm just going to go with Aaron for now, Marco, thanks for the very useful advice, though." The sarcasm was palpable in Tobias' voice. He squinted down at the ground and picked up another rock. If there's anything that might give him away, it was that he constantly seemed to be squinting in his human morph--lack of hawk eyesight was disorienting for him.

"Though I did seriously consider Seymour Butts, thanks for that one."

"Oh sure, go for the boring name," Marco said, snorting. "Seymour Butts would have totally been way better."

Marco wasn't in the mood for tossing stones, so instead he just sad down on a nearby rock and eyed Tobias's progress. "Great choice in activity, man. Most people would decide that morphing human is a good time to, say, play video games, or cruise for chicks, or do something that's actually interesting. You? You throw pebbles."

Tobias hurled his next stone into the slowly moving water with a faint grunt of exertion. The boy remained silent until the stone broke the surface of the water with a faint 'plop.'

"Hey, you can't throw stuff when you're a bird, gotta take the chance when you get it," he quipped, looking back towards Marco.

"Besides, it's too easy to get distracted playing video games. Lose track of time."

"Sure you can throw stuff as a bird. You just have to pick it up and then try to drop it on someone's head as opposed to actually throwing throwing."

"Dude, that is so not a good enough excuse to not play video games. We should get like a stopwatch or something. Either that or make someone invent a controller that works with birds. We can call it the Birdstick."

"I'm talking the throwing that requires thumbs, Marco." Tobias hurled another rock.

"And arms for that matter." A glance at Marco.

"Really? The Birdstick? That's awful. Besides, how do you play video games without thumbs?"

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"You can glare at the controller until it does what you want it to," Marco said promptly. "And you'd totally rock at playing 'Eat That Mouse'."

"I'll just work on developing my psychic powers while I'm at it." He looked back at Marco. Even as a human, he had a tendency to simply stare into people in that eerily intense fashion that birds of prey did.

"I get enough of mouse eating in my day to day life. Why would I want to do that in a video game? Besides, here it would just make me hungry for the real thing. Food here is terrible.

Marco at least was used to Tobias's weird intense stares (even if he did still find them a little creepy). "You can be the Amazing Psychic Bird Boy. Even Spider-man will be jealous."

At the mention of food, Marco scowled. "Oh man, don't talk to me about the food. At least you don't have taste-buds, dude."

"Just what I want, an angry web-slinger," Tobias quipped in reply, then shook his head. He had to remember these little gestures, sometimes.

"They won't even give me real meat. I have to just bury my head in the slop and do the best I can. It's gross."

"Hey, unless you're planning for the Amazing Psychic Bird Boy to be a super-villain, I think you'll be good man," Marco said, snorting.

Then he grinned slyly. "Well, you could always eat Stacy. I'm sure she won't miss a few of those mean couches of hers."

"I'm just saying, what if he gets annoyed at me for stealing his thunder?" Tobias replied in a dry tone.

"I'm pretty sure I'd get slapped by the tentacles if I tried that, man. Just a hunch."

"Dude, it's Spider-Man. Maybe you can make him jealous, but no way can anyone ever steal Spidey's thunder," Marco said. "And excuses man, excuses. Don't tell me you haven't thought about it."

Rachel had, admittedly, actually been something close to anxious to see Tobias again. Not overly, because she knew he could handle himself, but after everything that had gone down? Some confirmation that she didn't have to retroactively pound more robots was nice.

"Hey," she greeted, voice a lot softer than normal-- at least normal for other people-- as she came up to him. She didn't ask if he was doing okay: he'd talk as much as he wanted to.

He half-turned his head to glance at her, a quick bird-like movement that belied his human appearance.

"Hey," he replies, then goes quiet again, hurling another rock into the river with a grunt of exertion. His bare toes shift, dig into the bare soil.

"You okay? I. . ." He looked down, feeling ashamed.

"I just kinda hid out during that whole mess. Sorry."

Rachel leans over to pick up her own rock, and mimics the gesture to throw it in, deciding to take part in his quiet little stress relief.

"I'm fine," she says flatly, but then she shrugs nonchalantly. Even if her tone turned just a tiny bit more irritated.

"No big," she said. Sure, she'd have preferred he was fighting alongside her, but it's not like they'd had their powers. At least he was okay. She knew he'd normally done more, anyway. "It's not like robots have eyes for you to go for, so easily."

"No, they don't." He can feel her irritation and it bothers him. He hates feeling useless, and here that feeling seems to hit him more often that it did at home. He turns to look at Rachel.

"This place just keeps getting better, doesn't it?"

"Basically, yeah," Rachel agrees, turning her eyes on him and pulling her focus away from the river for a second. "But can we really expect it to not go to hell? Basically all we can do is fight anyway." It's not like they have much choice in the matter.

"That's about all we do. Here and back home." Another rock joined Rachel's. This throw was a bit harder, a bit more discontent jammed behind the projectile.

"I just wish we know more about what was going on, you know?"

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"I guess I got used to it," Rachel said, her voice a little bit solemn. But she just watched him instead of taking it out on the rocks and river. For the moment.

"Yeah, it kind of sucks to be in the dark about so much. But we still have to do it anyway, I guess."

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