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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Multiverse's Next Top Model: Shoot Somebody Who Outdrew You
meat_mooks wrote in trans_9
[OOC: Backdated to before System Shock.]

The TV lights up in La Casa Smize.

Two contestants remain. Now you must fight to the death to become the Multiverse's Next Top Model.

Fiercely in Love,
Tyrant Banks
Disclaimer: Please remember that Multiverse's Next Top Model, Tyrant Banks, Modelesque Entertainmet, and all associates and producers do not encourage violence between contestants unless it boosts ratings and long-term viability for the models in question.

Rachel and Ruffnut are then ushered to their final runway challenge and photoshoot.

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What followed was the sort of fight that only girls could have. Ruffnut fought tooth and claw, her recently cleaned and manicured nails scratching for soft flesh. She threw elbows and even tried a headbutt as her long legs struggled to stay standing in her cart.

But gravity had it's way with her and she began to fall to the side still flailing at Rachel with whatever amount of training she could remember. It took all she had not to use her lightning powers just to cook the blond warrior.

And then their cart hit a wall.

Rachel didn't pull any punches herself. She fought hard and fast-- and fierce-- with the only thing she didn't do being a morph. But there wasn't much she could do when they made impact.

Rocking hard, she was forced to let go and tumbled to the ground, landing uncharacteristically ungracefully on her butt and skidding painfully. She swore, but fortunately she wasn't hurt too badly. The fact that the car was moving painfully slowly helped. In the meantime, her car puttered off in the opposite direction.

Suddenly realising she should act, she scrambled for the weapon that had fallen before, hoping to get there before Ruffnut could come after her.

Ruffnut was dazed but when she saw four identical Rachel's running for the lance she stumbled and scrambled on all fours to try and beat her to it.

She threw herself, full body not at the Lance, but at Rachel aiming for a pounce like a junglecat.

Rachel let out another rather unladylike noise as she suddenly felt the full weight of another teenager hitting her in the side, while she wasn't far from the lance.

She skidded across the ground at the impact, and swung out for Ruffnut in retaliation

There was a burst of stars in Ruffnut's vision and she heard a "CRACK". By her count...and in her current state counting was near impossible, she had now broken her nose eight times.

Still she felt the pain burning new life into her. Fire in her veins and lightning in her brain. Eyes wide she began to laugh with the exhilaration of it all and began swinging one fist after the other in rapid succession. Weapons were great, but hand to hand was her favorite. The direct contact that sent vibrations through her bones, that cracked her knuckles. It was like life itself pouring into her.

It's Rachel unladylike grunt that truly ends the battle. At that point the crew rushes in and physically hauls the girls off each other. Jay hops around in some bizarre dancey combination of total excitement and terror that he's about to lose his job. The girls are taken separately to have their makeup (and blood) washed off by tittering makeup experts.

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