Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Family Reunion [Closed, bendytime to shortly after podpop]
beyondgotham wrote in trans_9
After sending out his little invite, Terry sat back and waited. He didn't know how well this would go over, but he had to give it his best shot. He'd met a lot of different people that claimed to have been a part of Bruce's little collection of broken kids, but they'd never really tried to work together. And now, all but two had gone back to the pods.

Well, he was Batman, wasn't he? He knew he wouldn't treat Dick and Tim as sidekicks, but at least he could be an organizer. And now Max was here, too. He had to introduce her to the guys - if he was going to was going to bring together a team, she was going to be on it.

Now, all he had to do was wait.

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Dick didn't bother replying to the post. Terry had asked him to be on the Obs Deck. Therefore, he went straight away. He figured that Terry would be there, anyway.

He walked in a few minutes later, taking a moment at the doorway to remove his mask. He didn't know who Max was, but if Terry trusted her, there were worse things Dick could do. Besides, it wasn't like he had much of a secret identity anymore.

He nodded to Terry, smiling. "Hey. It's good to see you."

Max smiled as she reread Terry's message before heading for the obs deck. They both knew she probably would've showed up either way, but it was nice to be officially included. She was a little nervous about meeting Dick and Tim though. She wondered if they knew as little about her as she did about them.

She found the obs deck by accident (and made a mental note to study the ship's layout again) and entered to find Terry with a guy a few years older than them wearing a black suit with bright blue detailing.

"Hi," she said. She couldn't resist giving Terry's beard an affectionate tug before holding her hand out to the other man. "I'm Max."

If anything, Terry seemed a lot happier then he had in a long time. He smiled warmly when Dick arrived. "You too, man," he replied.

He would have continued, but the arrival of Max diverted his attention. Mostly because she was touching his stubble. "Hey, cut that out," he said with a grin, giving her a shove. "So I don't keep up on my shaving, whatever."

He was a little annoyed that she stole his chance to introduce her, but that was alright. Besides, he was still waiting for Tim.

It wasn't like he'd be waiting long-- this was the kind of thing that merited Tim's attention. He wasn't entirely sure what he thought of Terry using his name, but he also didn't have a whole lot of choice. He just had to remind himself that Dick trusted him. That counted for a lot.

He arrived in costume, cowl and all, and he didn't seem bothered by the fact that no one else was currently masked. He still wanted his privacy, after all. Plus, he was a little gloomy after what had happened.

... so nothing new. Right.

Tim was quiet when he entered the room, offering a nod to the other three there, before he joined them, standing not too far from Dick.

"Hey. If I can run Tactical and Security and still find time to shave, you should be able to, too." Dick flashed Terry a teasingly fond, brotherly grin. Easy going in all the ways that Tim just wasn't.

He nodded to Tim when he arrived, then took Max's hand in a firm handshake. Not trying to break anything on either of them, but he wasn't treating her like she was fragile, either. "Hello, Max. I'm Dick. Or Nightwing, whichever you prefer to use."

"Sorry, I'm just not used to you all furry. But now that I now it bothers you..."Max let her teasing sentence trail off with a smile.

"Nice to meet you," she said to Dick. Once he let go she gave Tim a quick wave. "And you too."

Terry shot Max an annoyed glare, but it was pretty obvious that he wasn't serious about it. "Not all of us are as good at balancing our schedules. Max can back me up on that," he said to Dick. Though, at least here he didn't have to worry about staying awake in classes after a night of patrolling.

Terry smiled at Tim when he arrived. He was a little disappointed that Tim had felt the need to come masked, but he had to remind himself - this wasn't the same Tim he'd met a year and a half ago. Considering the bombshell that Terry had dropped on Tim in their first meeting, he couldn't really blame him for not being very easy going, either. It was probably tough, trusting someone who tells you that the Joker destroyed your life in another universe.

"Guys, this is Max," Terry said, turning his thoughts towards his new goal. "She's the only person besides Bruce who knows my identity on my world. She's not really my sidekick, but she's pretty involved in all the Batman stuff. I thought you two should meet her, 'cause of that."

Tim decided it was best to stay out of the shaving conversation-- he was obviously clean shaven, but he was also the youngest of the men there. And not a particularly rugged guy.

"It's good to meet you," Tim finally spoke, to Max. Just the smallest amount more relaxed from before. This was still a little weird for him. Though he certainly couldn't condemn Max knowing the secret, even if he was always uneasy about his own. But it made sense to meet her, after all. "Red Robin," he introduced, now that he'd gotten her name. Then he paused and, after a palpable hesitation, added, "Tim, when out of costume."

"I think that's because you only had Bruce training you," Dick pointed out. "If you'd had Alfred or someone like Alfred around, you'd probably be able to schedule better."

Not that Dick was the world's best scheduler, either, but he managed. And most of it was probably down to Alfred making him until it became habit.

Dick turned and looked Max over in an assessing manner. Then grinned. "The hair probably drove Bruce nuts, didn't it?" Then he nodded to them both. "It's always good to have people who know and you can talk to at the end of the day. After all, the mask alone can get kind of boring after a while."

No, he's not looking at anybody other than Max and Terry. But that may not have been entirely for them, either.

"That's why you have me," Max said. "What good's a best friend if she doesn't save you occasionally?"

"I'll keep that straight," she promised Tim. She had a bad habit of calling Batman 'Terry' when the suit was on, but she was determined to break it.

Max answered Dick's question with a laugh. "Among other things," she said as she ran a hand through her hair. Her smile softened at his next comment. She was glad Terry hadn't been alone for the past two years.

"You mean like the entire fact that you know who I am? And him," Terry said with a grin at Max. "Or the way you keep hacking into our systems?" He couldn't be mad at her, though. At least she wasn't thinking he was a Joker anymore.

Terry would have liked to just let them talk, but once again, he was trying to stay focused.

"Okay, introductions are out of the way. That's not why I called you guys down here, so here's the point of all this - I think we should team up. I mean, all together, we have all the roles of Bruce's old teams. Plus Max. Why not act like one?"

"There's a merit to having friends who share the whole 'costumed crusader' thing," Tim said with a faint indignant noise, glancing sidelong at Dick. Who probably had at least a decent idea of how Tim was. Even if things had changed. Even if Tim's 'older brother' didn't necessarily approve, either.

But he was certainly interested in learning more about Max's role, and about Terry as a whole. And this was a good opportunity for that-- and it was strategically viable. "That's a logical move," he agreed, looking to Terry. "We will-- in theory, anyway-- already be able to work together well, at least."

Dick worried about Tim sometimes. Sue him. "Though I should warn you, Max, that Stacy doesn't really believe in secret identities. I think I made it about twenty minutes before having my identity outed."

Of course, that was because he'd been woken up, then shoved off on to a planet for a mission. "The only person I ever saw Stacy NOT out was...well, Bruce." Which was about typical.

Dick looked at Terry and hmmed. "Well, we're missing out Oracle and Batgirl." Then, "Umm. Right. You world, we're only missing Batgirl. But I think we can certainly work together, no problem."

"Uh yeah, those would be the other things," Max said a nod.

Max listened as they discussed the possibility of working together. She'd gladly work with them but she wasn't quite sure where she'd fit in this. Regardless of how she felt though, this was obviously important to Terry and there was never any question what her answer would be.

"I'm in."

In theory was the big thing here. Terry had to admit to himself that he was more then a little worried about this. He didn't work with teams. The one he had, hadn't gone all that smoothly. His whole career as Batman had been mainly alone, so he knew this would be tricky. But he had to try.

At Dick's statement, Terry glanced at Max. She wasn't Batgirl, and he wasn't intending on giving her that role. He wasn't quite ready to start building his own nest of sidekicks. But like it or not, she'd become part of his network. If anything, she was a girl to balance out the rest of them.

"Good," Terry said, trying to sound at least a bit like he had a grasp on things. "I want you guys to know, I'm not trying to replace the old man. I mean, yeah, I am his replacement... but I know you're not my sidekicks. But we can still pool our resources, keep an eye out for each other, things like that."

Well, you couldn't really blame Dick for worrying. It was pretty valid.

"Identities are-- tricky, but not impossible," Tim clarified. But Bruce not being outed earned something close to a smile from him. Of course.

But for Terry, he was more serious again, the lighthearted moment only lasting a second. "Understood. You're someone in your own right-- not him. We can still certainly be partners and work together, without that."

Dick wasn't really thinking about making Max the new Batgirl. It was a possibility, of course, but it was Max's choice as to what name she took, if she took a name at all.

"Not impossible, no." But, honestly, Dick had mostly stopped even trying. Stacy used his real name on everything and the Captain didn't call him Nightwing. It was more difficult than it was worth sometimes. Though he did at least make an attempt sometimes by keeping his mask on most of the time.

He looked at Tim, then nodded to Terry. "I promise you, we don't expect you to be Bruce. I'm pretty sure we can manage to work together. We all have a lot of experience to bring to bear, after all."

Max decided to ignore the sideways looks at the mention of Batgirl. Dick and Red Robin didn't know, but she remembered needling Terry fairly often about letting her take on a bigger role and then managing to screw up somehow. She decided a new approach was in order; one that involved figuring out what she wanted before volunteering for a whole new identity.

Tuning back into the conversation Max looked at Terry. "Just be yourself. We'll figure out the rest as we go." She looked up again before continuing. "I'd be happy to fill any technical needs that come up. I just need a little time to figure out the systems here." It wouldn't take too long. From what she's seen the systems didn't seem too complicated.

"I also make a pretty good cup of coffee."

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