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Snow Sheltering [Closed]
morphitudinous wrote in trans_9
Today's trek to Pelau's glass desert had started as more of a ridiculous dare than a serious idea for Billy. Terrain to conquer just because he could? It sounded reckless, but the risk carried a reward for it too. If the rumors of a beautiful display of lights were true, he definitely wanted to be out there. Rumor also had it that a few of his friends were going, and he didn't want to be left behind.

After packing his supplies and telling a few people where he was going just to be sure, he'd set off. It was a long, slow trek, and he was sure that the others who had gone this way had long surpassed him. He was a Southern California native! The desert he was accustomed to trekking was considerably hotter and sandier.

Finally, though, he stumbled across a small half-finished shelter that another traveler had built for themselves some time ago. Exhausted as he was, he set about securing it. When it was comfortable enough for a few hours of rest, he put out a call to any friends who might be in the region. Oh, he hoped they were there.

{{Hey, it's me, Billy. Are any of you hungry? I have some food in the shelter.}}

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Kaya herself had made the trek through Pelau's desert fairly easily: while Nima had her airbending to do it, Kaya was a waterbender, and this was like being home again. So while Billy had made a trek through the desert, an hour earlier Kaya had already made it to the heart of the place, using its stillness and breathtaking view to center herself. She had only recently agreed to help other people safely get through it in order to see the Borealis later that day.

That was before she decided to kick her bending up a notch, starting to make snow fractals, just for the sheer enjoyment. In reality, it was no different from any of her other meditative practices: it required skill, will and dedication, not to mention the knowledge of intricate, challenging patterns of the mind.

Then she got the call, and saw with a start that Billy was somewhere here! Without another though she fashion a sort of makeshift snowboard and was off, cruising through to find her Other.

If it hadn't been that he paused to take a moment's breath with Fontaine, Nokosi probably never would have bothered checking his comm. When he read 'food', the thought of a warm meal rose to his mind and that sounded delicious. He'd covered quite a lot of ground, but he didn't mind backtracking so much; there would be plenty of time for exploring.

Patting his companion on the side to gain his attention, Nokosi ruffled his fur, knocking some snow to the side, then climbed atop Fontaine's back. It took a few minutes but Billy had finally received his message in the form of an ascii thumbs' up.

Ronnae's search for calm and thought had led her to some ice caverns well below the surface. The way the ice twisted and shaped what little light managed to pierce the thick cover of snow, and the various colored lights from her exploration goggles made her smile.

It was like a prism of sorts.

It was when she was about to head down deeper that she noticed the message on the comm and laughed. Whoops, she had forgotten about food in her search for calmness.

She decided to pack up and mark her trail. Maybe she'd still have enough time later on to finish her exploration. For now however, there was a warm meal, good friends and a wonderful lover to get to.

And so she set off in that direction with haste.

Billy knew he had time to set out the finishing touches. When the soup seemed thick and heavy enough (and didn't taste like disgusting slop, they ate enough of that on-board), he toasted the loaves of bread he'd brought. They were broken and set out, with more for the other three than for himself. He knew he hadn't gone as far and wasn't as hungry.

To drink, he boiled water and laid out a selection of hot cocoa and tea. It wasn't the grandest meal, but it would do. He watched over the firelight, waiting for the familiar faces to roll in.

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Kaya was naturally the first, having no difficulty traveling in a place so much like the Northern Water Tribe, even if she did get lost at first. She should have known that Billy would do something like this: his ability to be the most practical of the four of them never ceased to have her think fondly of him. By the time she made it to him her cheeks were flushed but she was smiling.

"Billy, it smells wonderful!" she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "When did you get settled here?"

As it was, Nokosi's mode of travel was faster than walking, but he also wasn't in any sort of hurry. If it was going to take a lengthy amount of time to return anyways, the elf figured that he might as well enjoy a leisurely stroll back.

As leisurely as a stroll through a frigid tundra could be, anyways.

Ronnae wouldn't be far behind, after all all, this sort of environment was a walk in the park compared to the jagged edges of the Bladespire, or the frigid tundra of Storm Peaks, hell, any of the hostile environments back in Azeroth were not for the faint of heart!

That said, she was making good speed considering she had been far and deep into the glacier.

Ah, they must've ventured far and wide. Billy gave the pot one last stir when Kaya's footsteps arrived. He turned to hug her, smiling. It felt like it had been months since they'd last seen each other, though he knew that wasn't the case.

"I was wondering when you'd turn up. I've been here for about an hour or so. I got as far as I could, but then I realized I'd need a place to rest up and stay warm. A storm might be entering the area, and I found this shelter already mostly complete. I just had to add some reinforcements."

He gestured to the scattered contents of his backpack, bowls and blankets and a pillow or two. There was also a bucket in the corner collecting more water for later.

"Sit down and eat! I'm sure they'll show. I got a message from your boyfriend already."

"I was actually around the area when I heard your message. I've been sort of unwinding here for a little while, just getting away from it all, mostly. It was a good thing: it made me remember home. But I had no idea you'd make the trek yourself!"

And it was just like Billy to have the foresight to gather things like these when going for a trek like this. It was exactly what all of them would need, if they were going to make a night of this.

She sat down, and smiled knowingly when Billy mentioned Nokosi. "Oh good. I've looked forward to seeing him here!"

Outside of the small shelter a deep howl swept across the area along with the wind, that eventually died out. It was followed by a far more humanoid howl.

Sure enough, within minutes the side of the shelter received three short knocks. Nothing was said, but they could hear Fontaine whine in impatience.

Whining in impatience and then a loud thump was heard.

That was Ronnae pouncing Nokosi and laughing.

"Still good enough to catch you in this weather Kosi!" she cheered triumphantly before hopping off and helping the elf onto his feet.

"Come on now, let's not leave them waiting any longer Kosi~"

She was actually rather happy. This is the first time they would all be together like this in a very long time.

The clamor outside announced the arrival of the full brigade. Billy heard Fontaine's whining and worried at first---they still didn't quite get along---but the big guy would be all right as long as he knew where Ronnae was.

Fitting them all in this space was going to be somewhat of a problem, though. They'd have to curl close around the fire. With that in mind, Billy pulled out the piles of food and set them in the center before opening the door to them.

"There you are. Come in, let's get you thawed out," he invited.

Kaya lost no time: as soon as the door was opened, she ran straight into Nokosi's arms, greeting him with a kiss, and patted Fontaine affectionately. She then turned to Ronnae and gave her one kiss on each cheek.

"I knew you guys would be making it here somehow!" She said, eagerly helping them in. "{How did you find the hike?"

Nokosi tumbled to the ground from the weight of his Orc friend and ate a mouthful of snow upon contact. He made a face as he grabbed for Ronnae's hand and sniffed.

"Of course you can catch me in this weather; I am an immobile target with no desire to flee." Before he could say more, the door opened, flooding them both with light.

Fontaine was the first to get inside--the wolf barked in greeting and squeezed himself through the door, then immediately filled a spot near the fire with his large body. The elf was next, though he was momentarily stalled by Kaya. Wearing his usual grin, Nokosi returned the gesture, then pressed his flushed, cold cheek against her face.

"It was excellent! Reminiscent of the Frozen Wastes but without all the giant humans and undead."

Ronnie was a bit slower to get into the shelter, taking a moment to watch over the scene from the door with a timid smile before closing the door behind her and heading towards Billy.

"Hello love~" she said in her usual shy tone before hugging and nuzzling her face against him.

"How are you?"

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