Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

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Open Council Post [timed to after Shore Leave]
Standard Zetta
i_am_the_bafo wrote in trans_9
They'd all had their fun, now the time had come to attend to business.

Having sent out word about it, the Council gathered, as was its wont, to conduct matters, make announcements, take inquiries, and generally govern things and so forth. All crew members were invited to attend, either to watch or to raise questions as they saw fit.

This meeting was now in session.

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Announcement of a New Chairperson

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Re: Announcement of a New Chairperson

She still didn't know why they'd picked her, but that was neither here nor there. They had, there she was, and so it was time to let the rest of the ship know about it as well. Standing up, Nehaalista signed swiftly and hoped that her hands would not cramp. The bright gem in her necklace caught the light as she "spoke."

[Crewmen, with the death of the former Chairperson, and the repodding of the replacement after him, the other members of this council have thought it wise,] though I do not see how [to assign me as new chairperson to this council. I shall do my best to promote the transparency we've prided ourselves upon in the past, and work to create a smoother-running environment for you in the future.]

Nehaalista flexed her fingers before continuing, [That said, and with the permissions of my fellow councilors, I will open this meeting to the general public.]

Councilor Bight is Also Crucible!

Bight had remained somewhat reserved during the initial announcement of the new person, though he showed nothing but respect for the rest of the council during that moment. Knowing the next issue that was to be addressed he stood himself tall from his seat on the council and walked out before the rest of the council. His head still held high, though still reserved that usual air of confidence remained about him as he bowed his head respectfully to the seated councilors before he began.

"Councillors, Crew members, as many of you now know I am more than I appear, while Hogan Bight of Sanction I am and have been for a great many years, I am also the bronze dragon known as Crucible," he spoke in a level tone, "It is for my deception in this matter that I put myself before this Council, to explain my actions and let the entirety of the truth be known,"

"After I have put forth my case, I will stand by whatever decision the council takes,"

Kang knew that he was not going to enjoy this particular meeting. He'd told the truth when he'd said to Crucible that he'd still serve alongside the dragon, but that didn't mean he had to be happy about it, or like even being in the same room. He was also sincerely hoping that certain crewmembers would exercise a bit of tact and not try to bring out why there was such enmity between them.

He stayed silent, having to put a great deal of effort into keeping his expression neutral. He couldn't keep the rest of his body language from betraying his anger, though.

(Deleted comment)

How soon do laws go into effect upon waking?

"Laws should be enforced immediately; the constitution is provided promptly, and they're important to be maintained. We shouldn't be giving leeway for things that the crew, for all intents and purposes, should understand early on. The laws are the laws, regardless of similar or dissimilar they are to those of previous worlds."

"Hey, 'immediately' says that as soon as you wake up, you're under the gun, no matter what things were like or who you were where you came from," Zetta said. "This is all coming from where Azula attacked Zuko when she saw him right after she got out of the pods, unless I'm way off. If I was in her position? If I thought my enemy was responsible for this situation? I'd have probably attacked too."

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Oh good. now Lash could finally talk about her plan. Without raising her hand (only because she didn't know better) she stood up and spoke.

"So I've been thinking, since the SHODAN stuff, and due to the fact I'm the Weapons Officer on board, I figure it's high time we start putting up our own security measures around the ship should something like that happen again." She most certainly hoped it did not. "We still had our communication systems to talk to each other when it happened because it's independent of the least I assume that's why. And I'm sure Stacy herself must have a bunch of weapons that are just being unused that we could be activating. I'd like to surround myself with a team of people and we could go weapon hunting, so to speak. Could be interesting!"

As interesting as working with Lash would be.

Celena, who had been quiet for the majority of the meeting nodded as Lash stood up and put forth her idea. Waiting a moment before speaking up in turn.

"It could well be a viable idea indeed to have weapons stored in locations that could be accessible in the event of such a situation. I have been thinking that after recent events, this would be the perfect time to establish additional proper shelters and defensible points both in the city and other locations on board ship, these shelters could be the prime locations to store such weapons, should they be required,"

"The construction of the shelters can easily take place amongst the repairs to be conducted within the city, and those buildings too damaged to be repaired could easily provide the required materials to construct such shelters,"

Councilor Openness, Now and In the Future

"I would like to know how much longer you intend to allow the daligig to lead us about by the nose," Ildraniath stood, hands folded into the sleeves of her robes.

"We have many powerful combatants, more than a few scientists and engineers, multiple ships and a literal armory of some of the most powerful weapons in the multiverse. Why not coordinate our efforts toward seizing control of Stacy - real control, not the poor control we have now - and forging our own path without regards to daligig interference? If my research is correct, a group of pirates managed to disable Stacy's security measures. Surely we must be able to do the same."

Oh jeez. Of course someone would say some bullshit like this. Hit Girl rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, let's just let ourselves grope wildly in the dark," Hit Girl said. "It's not like the Daligig are actually invested in keeping us alive, or help us or anything. If we could figure out how to man Stacy and everything by ourselves, we would have done it, and there would have been no punishment. Have you even seen those bodyguards of the Daligig? Assuming we actually have shit with them, which we don't since they're supposed to be on our side, that would just cause useless bloodshed, and divide people. We need everyone to fight the Ohm. But bringing that to light, what exactly HAVE we learned about the Daligig since they've been on the ship?"

Not believing she should steal Stacy from the Daligig didn't mean she trusted them.

"From all appearances, they aren't particularly invested in us. If we die, they'll simply revive more from the pods. We're disposable. Tools. They may treat us as if we are special, but they also refuse to tell us anything that would actually shed light on the situation. Hardly the work of allies."

Arguing with children. Had she comes this far?

"And we have learned nothing. They tell us nothing and give us nothing aside from vague reassurances. I would much rather grope blindly and be free of their meddling and constant use of us as shock troops or problem-solvers than be continually leashed to them and their particular war effort."

(Deleted comment)
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