Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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The Exposed
pretty_lethal wrote in trans_9
With the events that had transpired on the ship, Rachel had really felt one thing hit home among everything that had happened: not being able to morph when there was a danger that big? Really, really sucked.

Of course she had fought anyway. Like hell would she let a lack of abilities stop her from getting in the face of bad guys trying to pull one over on them. But without morphing? It had been a lot harder. And she wasn't about to let that happen again.

That's why Rachel had set up in the Sensoriums, calling up a training ground and a selection of perfect replicas of weapons from the armoury. She wouldn't let herself be defenceless again.

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An immense warrior, having headed on his own to the sensoriums, quietly watches the (apparently) human female, his red-lensed helm revealing nothing as he observes and measures her skill.

It doesn't take too long for Rachel to notice the watching man-- not that he's making much noise or anything, but he's still kind of hard to miss. Rachel ignores him at first, wanting to know if he intends to do or say something, while she doesn't let herself get too distracted by it. Especially considering that it's still a task she needs to focus on.

Finally, though, she asks, with a hint of frustration in her voice, "Can I help you with something?"

After recent events, Dustin like so many others was thinking on how to get better. Once he was released from Glados he decided to see if he could get some new recruits from the recent podpop. So before that happened, he wanted to test his skills in the Sensoriums. As he entered, he spied a somewhat familair blond girl.

"Hey! Rachel, right?"

Rachel glanced up from the shot she had been slowly working on making. She was a little bothered to be interrupted, sure, but at least it hadn't been at a crucial time or anything. Though she also just didn't want people to see how poorly she was still doing at this.

"Right," she said, with a faint nod. She remembered this guy. The annoyed expression dropped from her face briefly, into something a bit more uncertain, and then it was back. "Dustin, yeah?"

There was something about Rachel (the way she carried herself) that led Dustin to think how somewhat similar she was to Tori. Tough girls like that you'd have to be careful around, but such thoughts rarely if ever enter Dustin's mind. Giving Rachel a playful smile, he looked at her after seeing what was around her.

"You know, if you ever want to learn how to use a sword or any bladed weapon I could teach you." He figured that was a safer subject to approach.

And fortunately, he replaced that annoyance again-- but with something more positive. She grinned at the suggestion, and nodded.

"Can't say I don't like the idea. Never really had a chance to learn how to use anything like that before." She turned to him, setting her weapon down next to her. "There's always been something cool about swords and spears." Maybe it was the 'warrior' appeal of them.

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Doc stopped just inside the door, peering around at the setup the stranger already in the room had summoned. She had pretty good taste in terrain in his opinion.

He stepped a little further in, clearing his throat as not to startle her.

"Hey, uh, you mind if I join you? I was pretty much looking for a setup exactly like this but with a few more stallactites."

Rachel glanced up suddenly at the sound, not startled, but a little put off by the intrusion. But then it turned to something more benign.

She shrugged. "Yeah, sure. Free cou-- ship, whatever." Besides, maybe she could figure some stuff out from someone else using them.

Doc nodded - "Thanks" - and turned to the rack on the wall. He had his katana with him but he'd practiced with it plenty lately, a change of pace was probably in order.

After a moment he plucked a sizeable firearm off the wall. Melee was always his first choice but it just wasn't applicable in some situations. Didn't hurt to be well rounded.

He glanced over at his companion, hefting the rifle to show to her.

"This thing makes kind of a racket, that gonna disturb you too much? I can pick something else."

She watched him carefully for a moment, as he picked out his weapon, trying to figure it out. She didn't have a lot of experience, so she couldn't tell much about him or the weapon, but she did shrug nonchalantly at his comment.

"No, noise doesn't bother me. Do whatever."

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