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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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The Hungry [Open]
shevatangel wrote in trans_9
It had been a while since she came out of the pod, and rarely did she ever leave the hangar.  And she lately has just been sitting on the foot of her robot staring off into space quite a bit.  Occasionally she'll walk the compartments around that but rarely seems to stray too far from that area, every day looking a bit paler.

Today she has walked into the town, but really isn't making any eye contact with people as she just slowly walks the streets for a bit, not looking terribly well.  The slop offended her on the issue of no one would tell her what it was made of, and slop on her home world was made from people so she was terrified to eat it, but there was so little other food.

While walking she briefly listened to her stomach and sighs.

"Should have kept more emergency rations on Seibzehn....  Should have kept some on him.  Ugh."

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The day found Lupin, in an effort to be helpful, clearing debris from one of the more commonly-used roads by the expedient of levitating it away. This process was quieter than it looked, and so he heard the footsteps in time enough to turn and spot the person nearby.

Oh dear. She didn't look well at all. He set the block of rubble aside with a flick of his wand, then turned to approach her. "Pardon me, but... are you all right?"

Maria looks up and adjusts her goggles, obviously trying to put on at least the air of someone who's not in poor physical condition.

"I um, just need to find a place with some fruits or vegetables. Maybe that would trade for.... Uh....."

She just sighs and looks down, her stomach betraying her with a loud growl.

It shan't work, Maria. "That would be Hydroponics, but finding something that can be eaten there can be tricky. Having problems adapting to the gruel?" he asked, smiling kindly. He could understand that perfectly.

The city was still looking pretty roughed-up from the SHODAN mess, which meant that Allenby had to go in search of some replacement training spots. She hopped up onto one concrete fence to test its sturdiness when she heard the familiar voice.

"Hey there! Maria, right?"

Maria looked up and shook her head looking like she was trying to focus a bit.



Allenby hopped down and hurried over with a frown. "You don't look so good, kid. You catch the flu on Pelau or somethin'?"

Howard knows that walk. It's a hungry walk, the sloped shoulders and the fatigue. He's seen it before.

"You know there's a mess hall, right?"

"And no food in it, just a chemical slurry that no one can tell me what it is made of."

"Um, okay." Howard fixes Maria with a glare. "If you're going to be picky. At least it's nutritious."

Maria's already made his shit list. That didn't take more than two words.

"Something is wrong?" Erhart rumbles at Maria, moving over from his gunship to look her over.

"Come with me then, I know where to get some good food."

He removes his helm, and almost smiles at her. Almost.

"And you will meet an interesting thing."

"Hey, you all right?" Sure, they'd been through some rough times lately, but this girl looked dead on her feet. "Are you sick? I can take you to Medical if you'd like."

Maria looks up, her eyes taking a minute to focus.

"No, I'm just hungry. I don't get sick."

Zouichi frowned. "Well, you'd probably better head over to the Mess Hall or something before the ship decides to give you some nutrient injections. Don't like the food here?"

Which was plausible, of course; it wasn't like the slop was particularly appetizing.

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