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Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Roaming, restless [After Dungeon Keeper]
a little somber
morgan_knight wrote in trans_9
Morgan was restless.

When restless, he tended to roam the ship, checking on things he knew of, or seeking out places he didn't out of curiosity. Today was a little of both. After the pitched battle in Hydroponics, he felt a particular obligation towards one plant in particular: the apple tree he'd helped Applejack grow from a seed. For all that he'd done his best to contain Hydroponic in the fight, he hadn't been able to do anything specific to protect that plant.

Done there, he headed back down in the City, off to one particular place that had caught his interest when he had heard about it: an 'air temple'. Not on the map, not listed in the directory, or he'd have wandered over just to take a look a long time ago. Now that he'd heard about it, well...

Time to investigate.

[OOC: Just say where you find him; it can be pretty much anywhere, since his trip covers a lot of ground across the ship.]

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Morgan would find Applejack draped over that particular plant, carefully rearranging the soil over the tree's roots. It was alive thanks to all of their efforts, but she'd need to be especially protective of it for a while.

She felt somepony approaching and turned her head. It was good old Morgan. "Howdy," she greeted him, packing some dirt into place. "You okay?"

She was exhausted and had a lingering limp, but the work needed to be done. It would all be better soon.

"You're hurt," he said. For all that he couldn't see the broad side of a barn on a clear day, sometimes, that sort of thing he couldn't help but notice. He pointed to the ground. "Sit."

He paused. "Uh, lie. Whatever it is that's most comfortable for you."

"Can't even say hello, can ya?"

Applejack rolled her eyes but sat obediently. "You've gotta take care of everything just because you can, huh?" she said exasperatedly. It was tinged with fondness, though.

Janet was extremely bored and was currently flying around Hydroponics, looking for something to do while Hank was still busy in his lab doing who knows what.

She was lost in her thoughts and failed to notice the man walking in her path of flight. Her lack of awareness caused her to collide head first into his back. "Ow!"

Years of training, practice, physical fitness, dexterity, and all that jazz somehow had never prepared him for, nor served any use in dealing with, a person to the back. Down he went.

...though luckily all those things did help with falls. He took the fall on his bicep and shoulder, rolled to a three-point crouch, then actually processed what had happened. "What the hell?" he asked blankly, more confused and surprised than angry.

Janet is really tiny when she's flying... >_<

She was really shocked by his reaction. How could a big guy get struck so badly by her shrunken form?

Jan immediately grew back to her normal human size. "I'm sorry, didn't see where I was going!"

When he arrived at the air temple, a high-roofed building with many open, breezy corridors, a familiar person was sitting in the middle of a carved mandala, silently meditating.

Nima cracked an eye open as she sensed Morgan's footsteps, and smiled. It was the handsome man from the robot fight! What a nice surprise.

She rose to her feet on a puff of air. "Welcome to the Southern Air Temple, friend! Are you on your way somewhere, or would you like a tour?"

He smiled and offered a wave as he came closer, though his attention was on the temple. "I thought this sounded like a place that was more the sort of temple I'm familiar with. Fancy meeting you here! Yes, as it happens, I came to investigate here specifically, so a tour would be great."

"This is the Southern Air Temple, a home for monks of the Air Nomads. My people. I haven't found any of the sister temples yet, so for now, I live here."

The temple has plenty of stairs, but Nima skips them all, landing in a puff of air in front of Morgan. She extends her hands to clasp his in greeting.

"I'd love to show you around! It would be so much better if Aang was here, but I haven't seen him in weeks."

That's bothersome information, but if Nima's bothered by it, she isn't letting it show.

"This is his childhood home. I never even visited until now." She grins mischievously. "Actually, since this is a temple for monks, I'm not even supposed to stay here at all, but I won't tell if you won't."

There hadn't been a hell of a lot going on with the Outsiders in sometime, likely because there was a billion missions to keep people busy, the roster kept fucking changing, and the water girl had gotten busy herself. So she had helped herself to a few laps in the pool, mostly because after moping about the death of her dad (again) and Negi and Sasami, she felt like she needed to train again.

If Morgan happens upon the pool he'll see Mindy Macready in a simple purple one piece, and notice that her leg is sporting a brand new shiny scar, and that her shoulders looked like they took some skinning.

Conveniently enough, it was on his way, and though he didn't notice Mindy till he was practically on top of her, well, luckily the hotel had grabbed his attention. Anyone who expected him to notice things about her, though, didn't know Morgan at all.

"Oh, hey. Fancy running into you here!"

Mindy was more than happy to have that overlooked, though if anyone would have noticed it was him: it was why Mindy was careful to keep that particular scar covered, otherwise people would have just asked annoying questions. Morgan had seen Mindy as herself AND Hit Girl, so he's know the difference if he gave a shit.

So she was pleased he didn't.

"Training," she said, turning in the water. "I got pretty into it in the last battle,so I'm giving the muscles a chance to heal up before I really start to use them. How did you do? Fight with anyone interesting?"

Somewhere between the transport tubes and the temple Morgan sought and near some piled-up rubble and wreckage, there was a person clad in heavy armor and a dirty cloth hood rustling through things. Mostly broken battle droids and SAINTs. Nearby, they had buckets of parts - mostly things that weren't broken. There's an indistinct bit of muttering coming from the person as they sort through the stuff, periodically tossing something into a pile that seems to be the one for rejected items.

And Morgan was the curious sort, if not downright nosy. "Lose something or looking for something?" he asked as he wandered that way to peer at her work.

Careful where you get, though - not all those junk parts are going in the pile. Old habits of digging through ruins are a bit hard to break, and being neat while scavving was never a thing that came up.

Veronica does look up, though, and drops a hunk of a battle droid in one bucket. "Just diggin' around, seeing what I might be able to do with the robot parts. Might even be able to put one back together." She chuckles a little at that, though. "Whether it'll be in working order is another story, though."

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