Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

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Private Mission - John Crichton / Vala Mal Doran
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youmissed wrote in trans_9
Planet Designation: Hools
Status: Terrestrial, H-class.
Non-sentient life: Medium levels of fauna and flora
Semi-Sentient Life: Domesticated pets
Sentient Life: The Hoolix. About four to five feet tall, very agile, very mercenary
Water: 40.8% of the planet's surface. Frequent snow-fall
Climate: Temperate to chilly
Landscape: Some farmland, mostly urban with space ports and a new emphasis on museums and cultural heritage. The largest city houses several million in an urban sprawl.
Air: Type I (breathable)
Sky: Green
Warnings: Pickpocket problems around the largest space port on the north side of the city. Roads could use more work. Crime is on the rise, specifically theft and burglary.
Mission: Two of the crew are to help guard a display case during the opening of the new Millenia Museum. In exchange they will get some supplies for Stacy. Crew members designated are Vala Mal Doran and John Crichton.

The museum looked so old to him that it looked fake.

Which explained things because the Millenia Museum wasn’t centuries old – it was only a week old with some of the paint just drying and according to their temporary employers, carefully crafted to look that charming level of “ancient”, right down to the little cobwebs and cracks in the ceiling that made it look like it was ready to fall on your head if you so much as looked at it wrong. Part of the mystique or something. John Crichton just looked at it and winced. He couldn’t claim to be the best tactician known to man, but even he was starting to think there were some huge holes in security here if they had to ping Stacy and call for more security.

Yeah, him as security. He could put that under his resume. Stick it right in there between Ex-Astronaut and Body Fluid Magnet.

Now they had to take the grand tour of their beat. It was mostly one room they’d be guarding but John had been insistent he get an idea of the layout before they do anything. It made him nervous, first time on this planet and with working with someone he didn’t know that well – someone who looked like a dead ringer for Aeryn Sun, but he couldn’t allow himself to assume she could fight the same, either.

So yeah. Vala was a big question mark there.

John dropped back a few feet to come abreast with Vala as their Hoolix director chattered on, tripod legs making a weird set of clicks against the tile that John was trying his best to ignore how wrong it sounded to a human like him. “What do you think?” He waved at the whole place.


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