Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

Transmigration 9: Brave New Worlds
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Pan-fandom, Sci Fi, and Screwed Up
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There are a lot of concepts for panfandom games out there. Zombies, government conspiracies, apocalyptic wastelands, war-torn cities and glorious edens, desert islands. Worlds of capes and cowls, wizards and dragons, space cowboys, real cowboys, speakeasies in the Roaring 20's, punk both steam and cyber in nature, historical dramas, Lovecraftian nightmares, survival horror...

What if a panfandom game had them all?

The ship's name is Transmigration 9. She calls herself Stacy. She's traveling at break-neck speed through Macrospace, the space sometimes called "The Bleed," the nothing void between dimensions.

The mission: To defeat a nightmare from beyond the edges of space and time, and protect Stacy's precious cargo--several million rescued individuals in podsleep, the refugees of a myriad of destroyed worlds. Some refugees have been woken up early, due to damage to the ship's neural net, and they're all being forced to go on missions to various alternate worlds.

The Enemy: An extradimensional race of bug-like beings known only as the Ohm. They come from the black spaces beyond the edges of the Bleed. They destroy without mercy and every act of destruction they make is redesigning the mechanics of the Omniverse on a grand scale. It's almost as if their seemingly-nonsensical brutality is building into one horribly-realized plan for something terrible, and it could mean the destruction of all that is.

The crew: An assortment of odd individuals from different universes, worlds, and times, desperately trying to find enough common ground to work together to stay alive, defeat the Ohm, and fight for the distant, maybe-impossible dream of restoring their home universes.

The horrible reality: There is a war raging across multiple universes--and someone has to make sure it ends in a way that doesn't destroy all of Creation.

Hate to break it to you, buddy, but one of those someones is you.

This is what you've woken up to. Your world is gone and your only chance to restore it may lie in discovering the well-guarded secrets of the horrible beings that destroyed it in the first place. The fate of every reality and timeline that has ever been and ever will be rests on your shoulders.

You have been Chosen.

Welcome to the Meatship. Hold on to your ass and fasten your seatbelt, friend, 'cause it's going to be a bumpy ride.
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Teeny Tiny Writing That Most People Skip:

Nobody in the game owns any of the characters and no profit is being made.

Also, there was another game with the same premise, name, etc. This is a reboot of that one by one of its original creators, not a ripoff. (It died for various reasons, but had a really good premise). We decided not to use the old journals because we would have had to delete the old RPs and that wasn't fair to the RPers (since we all like going back to read for nostalgia) so we just made a new comm. If you're an old trans9 player, you're welcome to join here and while we're not keeping the old game history, we'll count your old logs as your app.